How To Download Videos and MP3 Via BlackBerry 10 Browser

Are you having issues downloading video files or mp3 files to your BlackBerry 10 device via the default browser? Does the browser automatically start streaming the video or mp3 instead of downloading it when you click the download link/button? Here’s a quick tutorial on how to go about it without a fuss.

NOTE: For this to work, the download link has to be pointing directly to an actual video or mp3 file.

Simply tap and hold down the download link until the sidebar pops out as shown below then select Save Linked File

IMG_20140223_112420 IMG_20140223_112432


Choose a download location of your choice and let the download begin.

IMG_20140223_112440 IMG_20140223_112446


That’s all there is to it! #EasyBreezy BlackBerry 10. Open-mouthed smile

Be sure to share / spread the word. Thanks. Have a great Sunday and week ahead Winking smile

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