How To Fix BlackBerry Error ID 40730

I’ve been using my BlackBerry device for over 10 months now without any crazy system error until yesterday afternoon, when I decided to upgrade BlackBerry Appworld to version

After the upgrade and a necessary reboot, I got an alert that my BlackBerry ID needed to be updated. I did that as well and a second reboot occurred after which I deleted a few BlackBerry applications to create some space on my device.

I then tried downloading WordPress For BlackBerry and got what became an annoying error message that took me 1 hour to fix

"Your BlackBerry ID account has been locked for security reasons. Please try again later. (Error ID: 40730)"

Thinking the apps I had just uninstalled without rebooting the device, were the cause of the problem, I did a third reboot but still faced the same error message. As luck would have it, Mister Mobility came to my rescue via the BlackBerry Group he had created for we his followers just yesterday. (Luck was TOTALLY on my side)

Here’s what he advised I do which I did and then regained access to to my BlackBerry account.

NOTE: I’m using a BlackBerry Curve 3G 9300 with BlackBerry OS 6.0.


Go to Messages, hit the Menu button and select Options >> Email Account Management.

Wait for your email accounts to load then edit them all by simply re-typing the passwords again under Login Information. Save your changes and then leave to the home screen.

Try accessing your BlackBerry Appworld again and it should work now Winking smile.


In some cases, the fix above didn’t work and they only regained access to their accounts after they carried out a BlackBerry ID Password Reset.

With the password reset, they logged into BlackBerry Appworld on PC first of all and then tried it on their phones and it worked!


Another group member had it rough ’cause the above methods didn’t work and he came close to upgrading from BlackBerry OS 5 to OS 6 out of desperation to fix the nagging error.

Here’s how he fixed the error on his own device which was a Curve 3G running BlackBerry OS 5:

NOTE: This is the message he sent me and since I don’t have OS 5.0, I couldn’t really describe the steps in detail. It has undergone a teeny weeny bit of editing.

Blackberry Security wipe to restore factory settings then then re-register to the network from the Options >> Advanced settings >> Host Routing Table after that I went to Service Books then I hold alt key and press the S, B, E, B keys then reboot  BlackBerry device.


Some folks recommended waiting a few hours and the Error ID 40730 would go away on its own. Apparently this worked for them when they faced the same issue.


I hope one of these steps works for you. Do please take a few seconds to share this article and also share with us, if any of the fixes above worked for you.


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