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One fateful evening days back, as I prepared to watch a movie on my macbook while downloading my weekly series updates, my 2 year + macbook pro froze. This isn’t the first time it has ever happened to me so I thought nothing of it. I simply turned it off and turned it back on and then unexpected horror feem (film) began.

The system just kept serving a flashing question mark which according to Apple Support meant that my macbook was having some issues finding its system software. I tried reinstalling the operating system only for the installation manager to say no SSD was detected in my system. Apparently my 512GB hard drive had crashed and needed to be replaced.

After some back and forth with @SuperSanusi, I decided to try either the Apple iStore at Ikeja or Fix My PC, Nigeria. Apple iStore sent me packing sharp sharp when they told me ordinary diagnosis of what the problem was would cost me N15,000. I just respected myself and jejely called FixMyPC to let them know that on my way.

Fix PC and Phones In Nigeria

FixMyPC Nigeria by default doesn’t attend to customers at their office. (The office is impossible to find unless they come to pick you up in front of the Skye Bank opposite them) The business is modelled in such a way that the customer calls in to report a problem with his/her device and subsequently schedule a pickup time for the affected gadget. FixMyPC goes to the customer’s location, picks up the phone or PC/Mac then runs a diagnostic test which costs N3,000 after which you’d be notified to negotiate the cost of repairs …. if the gadget can be repaired. Once payment is made, repairs are done and the gadget sent back to you as quickly as possible.

In my case, I chose not to send in my device as I can be paranoid as f**k, computer village pipul are not to be smiled with and I needed it fixed in record time. I paid the N3,000 diagnostic fee after which it was established that the SSD was really dead and thereafter the CEO (Lanre Folarin) offered me a good deal on a 512GB Apple SSD. I went home, transferred the money to the company account and returned the next day to have the replacement SSD fitted in.

So far so good, my macbook pro is running just as fine as it was before the unfortunate incident and I’m glad I went with FixMyPC as Apple iStore would most definitely have cost me way more than the total cost of repairs at FixMyPC. While I was there sef (@ iStore), they charged somebody N13k for iPhone 6 USB cable. Cold catch me no be small.

FixMyPC offers a 30 days warranty on all repairs and I must say it was nice of Lanre to check in days after the repair to see if I was having any issues. Just like I kinda did, some might have an issue with the lack of an obvious store front (as I repeat again, the business mainly offers a pickup, repair and return service) but with more referrals and good testimonials, they should be able to garner the trust needed to run such a business model in Nigeria.

Overall, I say well done FixMyPC and thanks once again to @SuperSanusi for referring me to them.

P.S: When I bought this macbook, I had high hopes of using it for like 4 – 5 years without issues as par the premium price it cost me. Considering that the cost of repairs took a huge chunk of my vacation money, this experience has made me resolve to stay clear of expensive gadgets if the replacement parts cost a pretty penny. Addicts to Apple gadgets I dey hail oh! Una pocket strong die! Lol.

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