How to Hide / Reveal Display Panel on BlackBerry Touchscreens

Hidden Display Panel on BlackBerry Bold 9900

For quite sometime now, my blackberry's home screen has playing tricks on me. Sometimes the home screen display panel disappears or rather just goes blank like in the picture above and ignorant of how to fix this, I keep resetting the damn thing sacrificing my customization and what have you.

As far as I know, on my blackBerry Curve 3, this is easily fixed through the Home Screen Grid Layout section of the Options area but unfortunately, it ain't so on the BlackBerry Bold Touch 9900.

Well I just discovered that this option was turned off for blackberry phones with touchscreen as by merely dragging the panel up and down, you can change the number of icons that appear on your home screen.

You see that little arrow where the icons are meant to appear? Simply press it and pull up or down to reveal or hide as many icons as you want.


NOTE: this only affects the horizontal layout of icons on the home screen. You can have a maximum of 3 horizontal line of icons on your screen.


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How to Hide / Reveal Display Panel on BlackBerry Touchscreens
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Article written by On May 11, 2012.

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