MyPerfumes Spirit Review – A Paco Rabanne Phantom Dupe


My Perfumes Factory Spirit is a fresh woody aromatic fragrance inspired by Paco Rabanne’s 2021 fragrance release, Phantom.

It opens fresh, sweet, animalic, green, aromatic, herbal, grassy, woody, musky and fruity with spicy citrus and pineapple being the main fruits I can pick out. It has this whole blue fragrance vibe you’d get from the likes of Bleu de Chanel and Versace’s Dylan Blue but with a super amped up aromatic DNA.

When I first tested this, I found it revolting as there was something super pungent in it that smelt like butt crack. It sometimes came off like someone was trying to mask mind numbing intense body odor with sweet fruity notes and because of this I didn’t wear this perfume out of the house for like 7 months.

This is not a safe blind buy.

7 months later, I’m comfortable wearing this out of the house.

Around 5hrs into wearing this, it gets soft, sweet and citrusy with some vetiver, powder and musk all of which starts making it lean feminine. I prefer this part of the fragrance to the opening.

12hrs later the far drydown is a musky floral vanilla with touches of tobacco and patchouli.

Projection is subpar at around less than 1hr unless you’re an oversprayer. While Longevity on skin sits at over 12hrs.

Based On Aromatix’s review of Asdaaf’s Majd Al Sultan Black Intense, I would say this is a good clone of Paco Rabanne’s Phantom. I don’t get that sweet intense pungent body odor vibe from this Asdaaf perfume spray.

I’ll see you guys in my next video. Ciao

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