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Lattafa’s Fakhar Rose Review

This perfume is allegedly inspired by L’interdit by Givenchy. This is a sweet, fruity, tart, bubblegummy tuberose heavy perfume. Within 10 to 20 minutes, it loses a lot of the fruitiness and becomes really soapy, detergent like and super annoying. I get hints of vanilla after like an hour, 2 hours.

The drydown is quite interesting as it gives off strong tobacco leaf vibes probably from the fusion of tuberose and patchouli. Thankfully that part of the perfume doesn’t project so it doesn’t bother me.

Projection is good for like 2hrs with longevity between 7 and 9hrs.

The white florals, tuberose to be precise was just too much for me thus I decluttered it. Folks who love YSL libre inspired perfumes will most probably like this. You need to be obsessed with tuberose in all its presentations to vibe with this.

Guipure & Silk Havana Moon by Jeanne Arthes Review

I bought this because the folks at Fragrantica said it was duping JPG’s Scandal. The notes for it are Ylang-Ylang, Bergamot, Blood Orange, Milk, Honey, Orange Blossom, Praline and Patchouli.

It opens smelling like a Honeyed, Nutty, Milky orange blossom with Patchouli kicking in after 1 hour. Thankfully unlike in Scandant By Fragrance World, the patchouli used here doesn’t have a loud urine vibe. You get a projection of like 1-2hrs with whiffs @ the 4th hr.

The drydown is slightly sweet and musky. I decluttered this because the performance was tragic back then. Looks like maceration has kicked in. Lastly this sometimes reminds of Maison Alhambra Empire D’Oro

Sultane Parfum Fatal by Jeanne Arthes Review

This was my first experience with a YSL Black Opium inspired perfume. It opens airy, soapy and synthetic like Berries Weekend by Fragrance World but not as sweet……um it’s giving Berries Weekend mixed with Opera Noir by Maison Alhambra.

The airiness would eventually give way to some fresh juicy, creamy, nutty white florals. It matches the smell of my Opera Noir after like 2hrs but I don’t get coffee from this. The final drydown is very airy, synthetic, woodsy and musky.

Maison Alhambra’s Opera Noir is dark compared to this so do have that in mind whilst shopping for a Black Opium dupe.

Projection is less than 90mins. Longevity 12hrs.

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