VIDEO: Xiaomi Mijia Pinlo Portable Rechargeable Blender Review

Instagram has been bombarding my feed/story timeline with an advert for a certain Mapia Blender that is capable of blending dry beans. Fascinated I started looking into the world of portable rechargeable blenders and before I knew it, I was settling for the portable Pinlo Juicer by Xiaomi’s subsidiary MIJIA.

I’m not a smoothie person but this device has been really helpful in whipping up last minute stew/sauce when there’s no power supply.


Xiaomi claims the device can handle small chunks of ice but unfortunately I was unable to put that to test as I don’t own an ice tray.

Overall it’s a really nice and powerful blender (gives the same output as my 200W blender despite being a 70W blender). I only wish it came in black as the white get easily and irreversibly stained.

Enjoy the review!

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