How To Root The Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos

It’s been a while since I posted a tip. Haven’t had much time for one and to be sincere I haven’t been feeling inspired to write one. Fortunately I’m in a bad mood and writing seems to help so here goes. Winking smile

I’ve washed my hands off all chinese devices. I’m sticking with BlackBerry and Samsung for now. My major problem with chinese devices has always been battery life and my last acquisition, the Aoson M33, has come down with the same problem too. I’ve been managing the battery life issues on the THL W6 for some time now but finally decided to make the switch to Samsung.

So I got myself the Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos.

Hopefully I’ll be writing a review on it when I’ve got some free time. For now I just wanna share a quick tip on how to root it!

NOTE: Rooting your device has its advantages as well as disadvantages. If you are not sure of what you’re doing, I suggest you do not try this at all. You could end up bricking your phone. Rooting your Samsung Galaxy Grand means that you’ll lose all access to the OTA software updates from Samsung.

Step 1

Download and install Samsung Kies on your PC. Make sure its not running then plug your phone into the computer and wait for the setup, driver installation process to be over and you can access the storage system via My Computer.

You can now detach your phone from the computer.


Step 2

Download and extract the Samsung Galaxy Grand Root Pack which contains CWM Recovery (recovery_20120412.tar) and SuperUser Root ( as well as Odin3_v3.07. You would be needing a decompression software like WinRAR for the extraction.


Step 3

Switch off your Galaxy Grand Duos and press the Volume Down, Home and Power buttons together until the screen below appears. Read the on-screen instructions carefully then proceed by pressing the Volume up button to go to the Downloading …….. Do not turn off target screen




Plug your phone into the computer via the USB port that you used to set it up in the beginning.

Launch Odin and if all is well, the screen should look like that shown below. The ID:COM box must be blue showing that the software has detected your phone. If it’s not blue, close Odin, plug your phone into another usb port and try again. COM17 is just the port number and varies on systems.


Screenshot (152)


Make sure only Auto Reboot and F.Reset Time are ticked. Click on PDA and select the recovery file you just extracted

Screenshot (143)


Click on Start and the flashing process begins. Once its done, the status changes to Reset and your phone automatically reboots itself


Screenshot (151)


Once the device has been reboot successfully, copy to your phone’s external microSD card and then switch it off

Press Volume Up + Home Button + Power button until the device goes into recovery mode

Once in the CWM Recovery Mode, please note that the volume buttons help you move up and down while the power button is for selecting an option




Go to Install zip from sdcard >>>>> choose zip from external sdcard >>> Select >>>>> Yes – Install




Once the installation is over, navigate back to the home screen by clicking on +++++++++++ Go Back ++++++++++. Then click on reboot system now.

Your phone will reboot immediately and should be rooted now.

And that’s how you root the Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos.

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