How To Install BAR Files On BlackBerry 10 In 10 Seconds

BlackBerry 10 recently got updated to 10.2 with a shiny new Android Runtime….. Android JellyBean 4.2 which allows one to run most android apps out there. Now I’m not saying you can directly install android applications on BlackBerry 10 devices but such applications when converted to BAR format (which is what BlackBerry 10 recognizes) can now be used easily on BB10.

This guide is the simplest way of installing bar files on BlackBerry 10 devices as for now and a PC is required. Hopefully in the future one can install apps from microSD card directly.

NOTE: This tutorial was tested on 64bit Windows Vista, 7 and 8 and worked flawlessly.  Please note that I will not be held responsible should your following this guide cause any harm to your device and finally not all android apps will run on your BlackBerry 10 device as some app will require something called debug token which I can’t get into as it’s a bit complicated.

Step 1

Download and extract Sachesi 1.1 for Windows. If you use a Linux or MAC, you can download your version at Sachesi: Firmware Extractor, Searcher and Installer

If you have don’t have BlackBerry Link (BL) or BlackBerry Desktop Manager (BDM) installed your PC, please install BlackBerryDeviceManager.exe which is within the Sachesi file you just downloaded and extracted.

NOTE: If you have BL or BDM installed on your PC, make sure they are not running now. Also remove any passwords on your device and do not activate developer’s mode


Step 2

Once installation is done, plug your BlackBerry 10 device to the computer and wait a few seconds for the system to recognize it and load the drivers

Now launch Sachesi 1.1 and go to the Install tab. The program will scan for your device and when it detects it, the screen will look as shown below. Hit the refresh button to show all the files on your device. Note the bottom part of the app that shows you’re connected via USB, your battery level (100%), OS Version ( and device model number (STL100-1)



To install a BAR file, simply drag and drop it in the window or use the Install buttons (folders – bars) and wait.



Check your device for prompts and accept when asked to

 IMG_20131068 IMG_20131067


Once the installation is complete, Sachesi will let you know



You can now safely detach your device from the computer and run the converted android app (BAR file) you just installed. I ran this test with Pinterest for Android app



If you’re looking for BAR Files to download or you want to convert Android APK files to BAR files, click here

If you plan on using this tutorial, do please be kind enough as to drop a lil feedback via the comment form below if it works for you and don’t forget to hit the share buttons below and let your friends know. Thanks a lot

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