Three Reasons Why SPF50+ Is Better Than SPF 30 and Below

Hey guys, if you’ve ever wondered why I don’t really review SPF30 sunscreens, today’s post should answer that. I’m not saying they are not effective. I’m just saying my paranoid self feels safer with SPF50+.

Shoutout to @sciencebecomesher for her excellent posts on sunscreen. She’s the main reason why I’m passionate about reviewing sunscreens. As a newbie to sunscreens, I learnt a lot from her blog and free sunscreen guide.

I made this post on Instagram coincidentally on the same day the whole #Purito scandal went down, I decided to make it into a video for my youtube followers. Enjoy!

UVA-PF = UVA Protection Factor


AMA Labs’ false test results

Purito Centella Unscented Sun tests as SPF 19 in two different European labs

Almost half of sunscreens tested don’t live up to label claims in Consumer NZ report

UVA Circle Meaning

Boots Star Rating breakdown

All About Sunscreen Labels

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