Eight Reasons Why I Love Advanced OS & LED For BlackBerry

Advanced OS and LED reviewIt’s been a while since I reviewed a BlackBerry application. This one has been on my mind for weeks now but never could find the time to write about it until now. Advanced OS and LED for BlackBerry is one of those sexy multipurpose apps that save a lot of space and memory on mobile devices whilst boosting their productivity and functionalities.

With over 20 features and just 335KB, here are the top 8 that make me love this app

Device Restart: as a blackberry user there will be times when your device begins to malfunction or you subscribe to a particular service and you’re required to remove your battery and reinsert it after 30secs to get things running smoothly again.

Removing your battery frequently can be a pain in the butt but with this app all you need do is push a button and your device restarts instantly. No need for a separate app to get this feature.

NOTE: You can restart your blackberry device without removing the battery by simply pressing and holding down the Left ALT + Right aA + Del buttons at the same time. It takes some mastering though.

Flashlight: once activated, this feature turns your BlackBerry into a torchlight of sort using either the camera light, LED light or screen light of your device and what’s more you can trigger this via the blackberry menu anytime anywhere.

BackLight ON: reading web pages/documents can sometimes be frustrating if the screen keeps going dark every 5 minutes or what have you. Using BackLight ON, you don’t have to worry about that no more as your screen stays on till your done reading.

Screenshots: unlike Android devices, you need an app to take screenshots on your BlackBerry and there are quite a number of free apps that could help you achieve that free of charge. I prefer the way Advanced OS & LED handles this feature as it allows me to choose the quality of the capture and the location as well as the option to share after capturing or not.

Device Optimizer: just because I’m a BlackSheep don’t mean I’m not going to call out RIM on flaws on the BlackBerry. One of such flaws is LAG! Sometimes the device just freezes for like a minute or two and that can be very frustrating/embarrassing especially when all you want to do is save someone’s number or retrieve a file.

This lag is sometimes brought on by fragmented memory or an over-flowing event log.

My device is now set to flush the memory (GC), clear event logs and clean the memory every 2hrs. I have to say the lag still persists but it’s 95% less frequent than before and I can totally live with that Winking smile

Email Attachments: the networks can sometimes be so slow that it’s pretty annoying waiting for an email attachment to download. Now I have my device set to auto download every single email attachment to my memory card for viewing at a later date when I’ve got the time to go through them.

Contact Manager: backing up and restoring contacts as well as exporting them to any BlackBerry device with a different OS just got better with this app. Did I mention that it could also detect duplicate contacts and merge them into one?

Phone Call Features: you can now avoid those accidental number dialing as well timing your call duration and saving new numbers to your phone immediately after a call using this app. Some may not like this feature as the interface is a bit crude but it actually gets the job done without fuss.

Last but not the least, in as much as I really can’t say if it’s the application itself or the current version of my OS, I’ve come to observe that my battery lasts a bit longer these days. Hopefully the Battery Saving Mode feature of the Advanced OS and LED has something to do with it.

Do check it out by running a BlackBerry Appworld search or clicking here and let me know what you think guys.

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