How To Stop Google Analytics Tracking Your Visits On The Internet

Opt-out Of Google Analytics TrackingThose of us who have been online a long time know that,the almighty Google has its many ways (tools) of tracking all our *runs* (activities) on the internet and after many heavy debates, Google has tried time and time again to offer web users ways of opting out of being tracked.

Google Analytics, which webmasters and bloggers alike use in tracking the activities of visitors on their sites, is one of those tracking tools. Generally it tracks the site through which you landed on the current one tracking you, the search terms you used in Google search engine, your IP address, location, other pages you visit while on the site, how many minutes you spend on the site etc.

Personally I have no beef with Google Analytics and have enjoyed the service immensely but my interest in disabling its tracking my activities comes with the fact that I tend to modify and preview my websites a lot and those previews sometimes affect the actual number of site pageviews for that particular day.

Disabling Google Analytics tracking on the popular web browsers is pretty easy

Simply go to this link: and hit the Get Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on button. Follow the prompts, download, install the add-on and restart your web browser and you should be good to go.

NOTE: I’m yet to actually test if this works or not but I’m just putting my trust in Google. lol. Maybe I’ll run a test later. Also this browser add-on will block only Google analytics tracking on your PC web browser (Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari and Opera ).

For now there’s no app to stop the tracking on mobile web browsers.

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