Fixing Download Errors On A Google Page Speed Optimized Site

Can't download large filesDownloading large files off my server has been a problem for over 1 week ever since I signed up for Google PageSpeed. I attributed it to problems on my server and ignored it until yesterday when I had to move large files off my server to my computer. The web browsers kept giving me a blank page each time I tried to trigger the download while Internet Download Manager kept giving me HTTP/1.1 521 Proxy Failure REFUSED_TOOBIG.

A quick live chat with the Hostgator team revealed that the problem had to do with the CNAME change I made to the domain name to enable it work with Google PageSpeed service.

An email exchange later with the GPSS support team, I realized that 64MB was the maximum file size allowed on the service. Anything above that will never download.

If only I had gone through the FAQ of the service, I would have saved myself all the trouble.

What is the maximum file size that I can use with PageSpeed Service?

Files greater than 64MB in size are currently not supported by PageSpeed Service. As a workaround, you can move large resources to a separate domain that is not CNAME’d to Google. For example, if your site is, then serve large files from

Creating a sub-domain to serve large files ain’t difficult at all via CPanel

Simply login and go to DOMAINS >>> SUBDOMAINS

Create A Subdomain For Google PageSpeed Service

Simply fill in your subdomain of choice and select from the dropdown the main or root domain you would like to attach it to. Document root will automatically be populated as you can see in the capture above. Hit create and your subdomain is good to go.

In the case of the example above, your subdomain will be

So hope that helps those of you having issues with large files on Google PageSpeed service.

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