Download GMail For BlackBerry App To Access More Email On BlackBerry Complete

On November 22, 2011, Google announced that they would stop all work on the Gmail for BlackBerry application while continuing with the iOS and Android versions. They probably saw RIM as a sinking ship and decided to jump off before it totally went down or they couldn’t keep up with the improvements RIM had made to the default BlackBerry email client.

Either way, some of us missed it but soon learned to live without it until now that we have cheap blackberry plans that unfortunately only support one personal email account.

After some serious search, one of my online pals (El Roy Chibex) was able to get installation files for the last version of Gmail for BlackBerry and I successfully moved them to my server should in case the original link he found went bust.

Gmail App For BlackBerry








Using the Gmail app, I’m now able of access my other Gmail accounts without fuss. The only sad thing about it is that Google wasn’t able to complete work on the attachment handling features before calling it quits. That said, you can’t attach files when sending emails and neither can you download attachments.

Every thing else seems to work just fine in my opinion on my Blackberry Bold 9900. Do please also note that the app doesn’t run in the background so each time you do a hard reset of your device, you have to run the application or your emails won’t be polled.

If you’re on mobile, click here now to start downloading Gmail for BlackBerry to your blackberry device.

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Do have a great weekend ahead. Ciao. Smile

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