Quick Fix: Missing Application Shortcuts In Android App Tray

With 1GB RAM and a dual core processor at one’s disposable, it’s pretty easy to go app crazy and that’s my situation at the moment. Over the past few days, I’ve been testing loads of apps in my bid to fill in the gaps left on the Android ICS version 4.0.4. Overtime it would appear that, the operating system just couldn’t take the level of experimentation no more and it stopped adding shortcuts to the app tray for newly installed applications.

The applications were very much present on the phone but there was no way of launching them without the shortcuts

Apparently the Launcher had been corrupted and for it to continue creating shortcuts, I had to wipe its current data


How To Fix Missing Application Shortcuts In Android Devices

Simply go to Manage Apps, scroll down the list of apps and select Launcher

Manage Android Apps  Android Launcher


Click on Clear data and a Delete app data warning prompt would come up. Click OK and return to your app tray.

NOTE: Once you delete the Launcher’s data, your customizations (widgets and folders) would be lost and you’d have to start from scratch again.

Android ICS Launcher App  Delete Android Launcher Data - Cache


Shortcuts to your installed applications including those that were missing before clearing the Launcher’s data – cache should be present in your device’s app tray now.

That’s all folks Winking smile

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