How To Fix Google Play Store Error 504

Error 504 Google PlaySo my Lenovo P780 smartphone finally arrived last week Friday and I’ve been literally taking it apart software wise to get it working as optimally as possible. Mine unfortunately shipped with a modded OS, which has major crashing issues. In the course of pimping it, I started encountering issues with Google Play Store. Downloads suddenly became excruciatingly slow and all of a sudden, apps were no more getting downloaded and I was now faced with Google Play Error 504

“Sleep as Android” could not be downloaded due to an error. (504)

I tried the normal clearing of Google Play Services and Google Play Store cache and data but got no results. Even deleting my Google accounts and adding them back didn’t fix anything.

504 errors in general have to do with gateway timeout error so I suspected the problem was with my internet connection. Something was just not working right with it. At a point I suspected it had something to do with my IP address.

Thus I decided to use my TunnelGuru subscription via TroidVPN app to change my IP address and reconnect to Play Store.


Google Play Store is working again.

So for the time being, I’ll be accessing Google Play Store via my VPN connection till whatever is wrong with the IP address of my internet connection gets fixed.

VPN subscriptions could cost you as little as $3 a month for a basic 10GB traffic plan or $5 for unlimited downloads. Tunnel Guru seems to be the cheapest VPN and HTTP Proxy service provider out there. They accept PayPal/Debit Cards and Perfect Money.

If you’re Nigerian, you can get a Tunnel Guru VPN subscription on the cheap from Great Minds NG.

You can access other Tunnel Guru Nigerian Resellers as well as resellers from Venezuela, Tanzania, India, Indonesia, South Africa, Iran, Morocco, Bangladesh and the Philippines by clicking here.

So guys, I hope this little tip helps you fix your issues with Google Play Store error 504.

UPDATE: SpotFlux offers free VPN service which you can use to by pass the Google Play Store 504 Error.

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