How To Show Alternate Ads – Content To Opera Mini Visitors

Do you run a website with self-hosted wordpress? Are you tired of those huge white spaces created by google adsense ads when your site is viewed on opera mini? Do you want to show a different ad or content to your opera mini visitors? The solution is finally here and it’s pretty simple.

I was able to plead with a developer to get his plugin working for opera mini and he did just that last night.

NOTE: Your server must be running PHP 5.3 or higher for this plugin to work and you must know your around when it comes to messing with your wordpress theme template files.

Log into your dashboard then download and install PHP Browser Detection

Go to Apperance >>> Editor and paste the code below anywhere you want. Edit as per instructions

<?php if (is_opera()) : ?>
Place Opera Mini Only Content Here
<?php else : ?>
Place Content For Other Browsers Here
<?php endif; ?>

Save your changes and preview your blog in Opera Mini to see the changes reflected.

Questions and comments are welcome and do please make sure to hit the share buttons below to spread the word to other bloggers/webmasters alike.

So fellow self-hosted wordpress users, finally we have a working solution for showing alternate ads to opera  mini users or better still removing google adsense codes from our websites when viewed via opera mini.

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