Xiaomi USB LED Light Enhanced Version Review

In light of the current power and fuel supply issue we are facing in Nigeria, I acquired the enhanced version of Xiaomi’s USB LED Light since charging my rechargeable portable LED lamp was no longer easy.

Unlike the regular Xiaomi USB LED Light, the enhanced version comes with a power button with 5 step brightness levels as well as a larger LED. The brightness was increased by 50% over the regular version.

This little gadget has absolutely no cons whatsoever in my opinion. It’s all pros all the way. The LED component is a product of Philips Lumileds with a power/voltage rating of 2.5W(MAX)/5V and is rumored to have a 50,000 hours of usage lifespan. The design is pretty simple with the LED at one end and the power/brightness control button as well as USB connector at the other end and a long flexible/adjustable neck in the middle.

The LED tip shares the same design as the Xiaomi MiBand though it’s not detachable. The first pic below is what the regular version of the Xiaomi USB LED Light looks like while the rest are of the enhanced version.

Xiaomi USB LED Light – Regular Version

Regular Xiaomi USB LED Light

Xiaomi USB LED Light – Enhanced Version

Xiaomi USB LED Light Enhanced Version 3 Xiaomi USB LED Light Enhanced Version 1 Xiaomi USB LED Light Enhanced Version 2 Xiaomi USB LED Light Enhanced Version Turned On

Pros of the Enhanced Xiaomi USB LED Light

Works with Power banks and any powered USB outlet: works pretty well with my Xiaomi and Romoss power banks as well as Mi Strip. This eliminates the need to carry around a heavy, conspicuous rechargeable lamp looking for where to charge it when the power goes out for days. Just throw your power bank into your bag, charge it fully anywhere and when you get back home, you’ve got power to light up the USB LED Light for days (depending on the capacity of your power bank).

Brightness Level Regulation: Holding down the power button turns the LED light and off. Tapping the power button several times will increase or reduce the brightness of the light. I have to admit that the heat it generates is quite noticeable when you raise the brightness level all the way up in a hot environment.

The device comes with a chip that allows it remember brightness levels thus you can set it at a particular brightness level and not worry about tweaking it each time you turn it on.

Plug and Play with Xiaomi Powerbanks: unlike with other power banks, you can simply plug this gadget into your Xiaomi powerbank and it comes on immediately without having to turn on the power bank. The power button of the Xiaomi powerbank also serves to turn on and turn off the LED Light for those that leave the LED Light connected to the power bank 24/7 like me.

Cons of the Enhanced Xiaomi USB LED Light

Absolutely None.

I have to say this is one of the best $5 I’ve spent in a long time. It’s simply an amazing tiny gadget that can light up an average sized room quite well when the power goes out.

There are loads of fakes out there so I’d recommend you get it from the likes of GeekBuying (where I got mine) or GearBest if you’re interested in getting one.

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