Fix MX Player, Flynx, Facebook Messenger Issues On Xiaomi MIUI Devices


Those of you who read my review of the Xiaomi MiPad probably still remember I complained about MX Player having issues like freezing, lags and unresponsive lock screen. I forgot to mention that I had issues with any app that worked with floating windows or chat heads as they are known in some circles. Such apps include Flynx, Facebook Messenger and Javelin Browser. Well I just discovered what the problem is.

Just like Huawei’s EMUI, Xiaomi’s MIUI doesn’t allow certain app features like floating windows to work without express permission from the end user. If you don’t set it up, they will not work.

To fix this simply go to Settings >> Installed Apps and select the problematic app


Xiaomi Floating Window Notifications Settings




Make sure Turn on floating Windows is activated as shown below then go to Custom Notification settings also circled in red





Under Custom notification, enable Floating Notifications and Lock Screen and you’re done





Now the fix to MX Player freezing and crashing issues is to run the app with HW+ decoder as default decoder. Simply go to Settings >> Decoder >> Tick Use HW+ decoder, HW+ decoder (local) and Try HW decoder. Restart the app and your crashing issues should be gone. Do please note that apparently not all devices support HW+ decoder, thankfully the Xiaomi MiPad does.


Fix MX Player Lock Screen Button On Xiaomi Device


I had the same issues on my Xiaomi Redmi 2 Prime and was able to fix them using the above. The floating window ish had me bummed as I couldn’t use Flynx on my tablet till today. At some point I just assumed chat heads/floating windows didn’t work on devices with large screens. lol


Oh well, have a great week ahead folks Winking smile

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