How To Link Nigerian Debit Cards To PayPal (Sept 2018)

With the exchange rate drama that plagued Nigeria few years back, Nigerian banks started to decline foreign online transactions most especially those ones that billed consumers in Naira. This was a Dynamic Currency Conversion issue which gave rise to these articles:

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PayPal started having issues verifying new Nigerian debit cards then but it would seem all is well now as over the weekend, I successfully added a new FirstBank Nigeria Naira Mastercard to my Paypal account and successfully confirmed it. It's working just fine at the moment.

This guide will show you how to add a Nigerian debit/credit card to your paypal account and ensure it gets verified for transactions. Hopefully it works for you too irrespective of which bank you have an account with.

Log into PayPal and click on Add A Card

Add New Nigerian Mastercard To Paypal 1


Enter your card details and save them

Link New Nigerian Mastercard To Paypal 2

IMPORTANT: Follow this guide How To Change PayPal’s Currency Conversion Options in 2018 and disable dynamic currency conversion (DCC) on the card you just added.

Once you've successfully disabled DCC, go to your Wallet and click on the new card you just added to your PayPal account.

Nigerian Mastercard To Paypal Added 3


Click on Confirm credit card

Confirm New Nigerian Mastercard To Paypal 4

Read the instructions below carefully. In summary Paypal will deduct $1.95cents from your card so as to generate a verification code in your bank statement.

Click on OK and wait.

Confirm New Nigerian Debit Card To Paypal 5


After like 24 - 48 hours, you should get a debit alert from your bank via sms or email as the case maybe. The 4 digit PayPal code you need will be there. I underlined mine below.

PayPal Code For First Bank Nigeria


Log back into Paypal and click on Confirm then Confirm credit card as shown below

Confirm Nigerian Debit Card Added To PayPal 6 Confirm Nigerian Master Card Added To PayPal 7

Enter the 4 digit code you got from your bank's debit alert and click OK.



Confirm Nigerian Debit Card With PayPal Code 8


Congratulations! Your card has been confirmed and can now be used to make PayPal payments

Nigerian Debit Card Added To PayPal Confirmed 9


NOTE: The $1.95cents which was deducted during the verification process will be refunded within 30 days of confirmation. I'm still waiting for my own refund sha. lol

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Article written by On September 3, 2018.

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