Bulk Powders’ Pure Lactase Enzyme Tablets Review

BULK POWDERS Pure Lactase Enzyme Tablets Review

One quick fix for lactose intolerance is the use of lactase enzymes supplements. They work for some and for others they don’t work. This short review details my experience using lactase enzyme tablets from Bulk Powders UK.




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Ice cream is bae most especially those high end creamy ice creams like Haagen-Daz or ColdStone but unfortunately, lactose intolerance is a bitch and because of this some of us can’t enjoy ice cream or any diary product as we’d rather not deal with the bloat, cramp, flatulence, and diarrhea that follows hours later.

Lactose intolerance is basically due to the lack of the enzyme lactase in the small intestine which is needed to properly digest milk sugar also known as lactose.

Recently I decided to give lactase enyme supplements a try to see if they work and thus I settled for this one from Bulk Powders which cost me £14 for a bottle of 270 tablets. Each tablet contains 5000 FCC units of lactase enzyme derived from wheat bran and soy bean.

To test out this supplement, I made a smoothie containing mango, banana & 100g of milk powder. This milk powder contains 37.8g of lactose in 100g of powder.

Bulk Powders recommends you take 1 tablet before each meal containing lactose but based on my research of other brands, 2500FCC units are required to digest 10 grams of lactose.

In this smoothie, I have roughly 40g of lactose so I ought to take 10,000 FCC units which is two tablets. To be on a safe side, I’ll take 3 tablets making 15,000 FCC units. The more sensitive you are to lactose, the higher the number of pills you’d require.

So it’s been 24hrs and I’m happy to report that I experienced no cramps, no bloat, no diarrhea. Just one episode of flatulence which might be from the mango as mangos generally tend to give me gas.

Eventually I’ll be trying this with creamy ice cream to see how it fares. For now I’ll just say this works.


Days after I prepped this review, I tried this product with a very complex meal of banana milk smoothie, mango chunks, spaghetti with tomato sauce and fried sweet potato chips and it didn’t seem to work at all.

It would appear that you need to take them only with diary products and nothing else.

Eating other types of food could mess with the activity of the enzyme OR maybe I just needed more tablets.

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Scitec Nutrition Lactase Enzyme Capsules, 100-Count  (Amazon UK)

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Häagen-Dazs Whiskey Magic US Ice Cream Commercial

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BULK POWDERS Pure Lactase Enzyme Tablets, 5000 FCC, Pack of 270  (Amazon UK)

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