How To Change In App Purchase Account Google Play Store

For a while now, I've been having issues with in-app purchases being charged in US dollars instead of Naira as I would have preferred. See How To Pay For Google Play Store Apps In Naira With 9Pay. In-App purchases would appear in Naira but when it comes to check out, […]

How To Resume Downloads Safari For macOS - Quick Tip

There's nothing as frustrating as when a download quits on you and you can't resume it. It just has to start from the beginning wasting your precious data (for those of us without the luxury of unlimited data). Safari for macOS is plagued with this issue and the developers don't […]

How I Fixed MX Player Pro Unable To Validate The Purchase Error

I tried playing a video the other day via MX Player and the app started giving me errors. It basically was telling me it was unable to validate that I had purchased the app legally from Google Play Store and as such was shutting down and I should proceed to […]

How To Prolong Battery Life With MIUI Battery Saver Modes

Android apps like Google Chrome, Messenger, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat as well as games like Candy Crush drain a lot of battery especially in the background when not in active use. As a result of this I've found myself gravitating towards the lite versions of these apps (if they exist) but […]

How To Fix AMP Script Appears More Than Once In The Document

This will be a quick tutorial. Have you been getting amp script errors like: The tag ‘amp-ad extension .js script’ appears more than once in the document. This will soon be an error. The tag ‘amp-analytics extension .js script’ appears more than once in the document.  An AMP component 'script' […]

How To Install Disqus Comments On WordPress AMP Pages

February 2016 marked the launch of accelerated mobile pages (AMP) appearing in Google search results for mobile/smartphone users and over that time, I've written three AMP related guides. If you care to have a look at them, they are as listed below. How To Add Google Adsense, Google Analytics & […]

How To Add Google Adsense For Search Bar To AMP Pages

While some may say their experience with Accelerated Mobile Pages has been awful, mine has been good so far and I keep working to make it better for me and visitors as well. So for quite some time I've been trying to figure out how to add a neat responsive […]

How To Fix Google Translate Offline Files Not Downloading

The last time I installed Google Translate (which was on the Mi Max 2), I had this same issue and frustrated as I became, I deleted the app. This time around I decided to exercise a little bit more patience (truth be told the high from finally getting the Poco […]

How To Horizontally Flip - Mirror An Image On MIUI 10

Growing up I had an obsession with looking at myself in the mirror that as time went by I hated seeing seeing myself in pics as the images never really looked like what I saw in the mirror. They tend to look AAAAAWWFULLL most of the time as I have […]