How To Recover Data From A Formatted SD Card On MacOS

I think the last time I ever used a data recovery software was like 10 years ago when I mistakenly sent a video to the recycle bin and subsequently deleted it without thinking twice. I can't remember the software in question but it was able to recover the video but […]

How To Pay For Google Play Store Apps In Naira With 9Pay

For quite a while now I've been aware of the fact that mobile billing on the Google Play Store has been activated for Nigeria through 9Mobile's service; 9Pay. Unfortunately I've been unable to set it up. I decided to give it another go today after someone buzzed me complaining that […]

How To Switch Deezer From Monthly To Annual Payments

When it comes to offline and online music streaming, Deezer remains the cheapest though the download speeds need a lot of work (but hey @ $4.99/month you can't really complain. lol). The platform is currently testing an annual premium plan but it's only available to their free users i.e active […]

How To Link Nigerian Debit Cards To PayPal (Sept 2018)

With the exchange rate drama that plagued Nigeria few years back, Nigerian banks started to decline foreign online transactions most especially those ones that billed consumers in Naira. This was a Dynamic Currency Conversion issue which gave rise to these articles: GTBank Nigeria Blocks Google Play Transactions On Their Cards […]

How To Hide And Lock Apps In Xiaomi MIUI 10

The ability to hide apps is one feature loyal MIUI users have been clamoring for for quite some time now. It appeared in MIUI 9's Beta release but didn't make it to the stable version but it seems Xiaomi is giving it another go as the feature now comes with […]

How To Fix WhatsApp Files & Databases Taking Up Storage Space

Not everyone is privileged to own a smartphone with loads of storage space. Some of us are working with phones with 8GB of internal storage by default. On such devices you can't install heavy apps unless you have a class 10 microSD card and you set it to act as […]

Easiest Way To Direct Download The Latest Windows 8 & 10 ISO File

Updating Windows can be very annoying as it drains way too much data especially if your internet connection isn't stable or their servers are having issues. With macOS I don't have such issues and I get to know how many gigabytes the update will cost me before downloading the entire […]

How To Setup Hyper Cache On Shared Hosting Server

I ended my romance with WP Super Cache for WordPress last week after I discovered the cached files were getting automatically deleted for no reason. I had it setup to permanently serve cached files and not refresh the cache. The cache refreshing at random ruined it for me. As I wasn't […]

How To Use Custom Theme With Jetpack Mobile Theme Feature

Over the weekend, I decided to do more research on serving cached pages to mobile visitors on this site so as to make page load time a bit faster. Making page rendering less stressful on my hostgator shared hosting server account was also a priority. I finally decided to switch […]

How To: Mi File Manager - Mi Drop FTP Transfer On Mac OS

Transferring files via FTP on Windows is very easy but on Mac OS it can be such a daunting task. When I finally managed to get it working, I was only able to transfer files from my Xiaomi Mi Max 2 running MIUI 9.2 to the computer as the FTP […]