How I Create IGTV Cover Photos With KeyNote for MacOS

Creating IGTV cover photos that get cut into good thumbnails isn’t that difficult to achieve. This is how I now create my own IGTV cover photo using just KeyNote for macOS.

Download Green Image here =

Video Transcript

Hey guys in this quick video, I’ll be showing you guys how I create my simple IGTV thumbnails using KeyNote for macOS.

Simple launch keynote and choose any template. I tend to go with black.

Click on Document then Slide Size. Select Custom Slide Size. Set width to 1080p and height to 1920p

Download the green 1080p by 1080p image linked in the description box down below and drag it into KeyNote. Move it around until you see a cross which signifies that the image is now centrally aligned.

Using this green image, I’m able to determine what shows up in the thumbnail when people scroll through my post feed. Everything within that green area will show up in your IG post feed thumbnail.

Drag the image you wish to use for your thumbnail into KeyNote then proceed to resize it to fit into the green area by dragging its edges.

This next step isn’t really necessary but I like doing it so as to make my image transparent so that it blends with the main background of the IGTV thumbnail.

When I’m done, I reposition the image a bit within that green area and when I’m satisfied, I delete the green image and export the image and I’m done.

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