How To Fix Leverage Browser Caching For Third Party JavaScript/CSS

I'd like to revisit the issue of improving Google Page Speed scores on our sites. A while back, I showed you guys how to fix that all so tedious Eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS In Above-The-Fold content error. Today I was finally able to tackle the Leverage Browser Caching error caused by […]

How To Install Ringtones Fonts On Xiaomi Phones - NO ROOT

Have you ever wondered why some Xiaomi MIUI users are able to download and install new ringtones and fonts from the theme store while some can't? Well, it so happens that this feature is based on the end user's region. That is the region you selected while setting up the […]

How To Add Jetpack Related Posts To Google AMP Pages

For a while now I've been using Google Adsense's Matched Content to display related posts on the Accelerated Mobile Page version of this site but I've decided to move on from it as one, the earnings isn't great and two, I needed to keep the AMP page loading as fast as possible.

If you use WordPress's official Jetpack plugin, you can activate Related Posts on it and with a few tweaks to your AMP theme, get it to show related posts.

NOTE: This quick tutorial assumes that you're using the official wordpress AMP plugin and that you have using an AMP template in child theme mode.

By child theme mode, I mean that you've copied your AMP template files to an AMP folder within your mobile theme's folder or your main theme's folder (if you're using a responsive theme for both desktop and mobile visitors)

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How To Migrate From HTTP To HTTPS Hostgator Shared Hosting

I woke up in the middle of the night two days ago worried about my Google ranking. I suddenly noticed that all the competition that had successfully outranked me, had moved to HTTPs and thus I decided to get serious and make the move to HTTPs too. I completed that […]

My NetFlix & Deezer Experience: Pros & Cons

If we are really being honest, at some point in our lives we've all being guilty of piracy...even those fighting eagerly against it. I've always looked forward to when I'd start paying to watch shows or listen to music so when I woke up 3 months back, bored outta my […]

Leagoo Shark 5000 MT6580A Review

One of you guys (Busuyi Sogo) who have been loyal to the blog over the years, contacted me last week as he had just got the recently released Leagoo Shark 5000 which is yet another android phone targeted at consumers who want a basic android phone with stellar battery life. […]

Cheapest Places To Buy Prescription Contact Lens In Nigeria

I wore contact lenses for like 4 years of med school. I started with RGPs (Rigid Gas Permeable) then upgraded to brown FreshLook ColorBlends which at one point got me the title of "El unico Nigeriano con ojos claros" lol. I quit using them when I got back to Nigeria […]

How To Transfer Funds Between Two GTBank Domiciliary Accounts

Transferring funds in between your GTBank accounts as well with other banks is pretty easy using the internet banking facility on PC and mobile app but today I came to realize that it's not really straightforward when it comes to transferring foreign my case transferring USDollars between two GTBank […]

Binatone Air Fryer BAF-5000 Review

While being on a ketogenic diet has been quite effective in managing my weight, the on sight carb cravings is one issue I'm still battling with thus the reason why I decided to finally invest in an air fryer. I've had the intentions of getting one for like over a […]

Xiaomi YDLYEJ01LM Mi Sports Bluetooth Headset Quick Review

These days it seems as though I'm always itching to buy something even if I don't need it. As long as the cost isn't too much, I'm game. lol. I got that itch recently and after careful analysis, I decided to get a new bluetooth headset as my LG Tone […]