Leagoo Shark 5000 MT6580A Review

One of you guys (Busuyi Sogo) who have been loyal to the blog over the years, contacted me last week as he had just got the recently released Leagoo Shark 5000 which is yet another android phone targeted at consumers who want a basic android phone with stellar battery life. …

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Cheapest Places To Buy Prescription Contact Lens In Nigeria

I wore contact lenses for like 4 years of med school. I started with RGPs (Rigid Gas Permeable) then upgraded to brown FreshLook ColorBlends which at one point got me the title of “El unico Nigeriano con ojos claros” lol.
I quit using them when I got back to Nigeria as …

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How To Transfer Funds Between Two GTBank Domiciliary Accounts

Transferring funds in between your GTBank accounts as well with other banks is pretty easy using the internet banking facility on PC and mobile app but today I came to realize that it’s not really straightforward when it comes to transferring foreign currency…..in my case transferring USDollars between two GTBank …

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Binatone Air Fryer BAF-5000 Review

While being on a ketogenic diet has been quite effective in managing my weight, the on sight carb cravings is one issue I’m still battling with thus the reason why I decided to finally invest in an air fryer. I’ve had the intentions of getting one for like over a …

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Xiaomi YDLYEJ01LM Mi Sports Bluetooth Headset Quick Review

These days it seems as though I’m always itching to buy something even if I don’t need it. As long as the cost isn’t too much, I’m game. lol. I got that itch recently and after careful analysis, I decided to get a new bluetooth headset as my LG Tone …

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Xiaomi Mi PowerBank 2 – YDDYP01 Quick Charge 2.0 Review

I had to let go of the 10400mAh Capacity Romoss Sense 4  power bank as a friend kinda needed an authentic powerbank. As a replacement, I decided to get the quick charging Xiaomi YDDYP01 20000mAh powerbank. The device is pretty sleek, doesn’t weigh as much as the 20000mAh Capacity Romoss Sense 6 Plus and …

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Amazon Fire HD 8 (2016) Quick Review

I’ve been postponing this review for like forever (because there are a quite number of reviews on it online + laziness) so here it is for those of you that have been on my neck to just write a few words about it.
As you all know, I got the 2016 …

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How To Set Up and Use Xiaomi’s Mi Sports Bluetooth Earphones

The Mi Sports Bluetooth Headset is Xiaomi’s first attempt at making a headset for fitness junkies. The audio quality isn’t bad ass as it is on their wired headsets but it is still good enough for workouts. I bought one as a replacement/backup for my LG HBS730 which unfortunately has …

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MallForAfrica Nigeria Communication & DHL Issues

Anyone who asks me how I ship things into Nigeria from the UK/US get an automatic referral to my MallForAfrica Review. They have been f**ing amazing to me (some may say otherwise sha) thus me ranting about their services may come as a shock to some of you whom I’ve …

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