Download FREE Huawei USB Internet Modem Unlocker

Download FREE Huawei USB Modem Unlock SoftwarePhoto Credit: My Digital Life

In recent times, mobile broadband internet has been made possible with the introduction of 3G enabled mobile phones and of course usb modems.

With a 3G enabled usb internet modem, you can browse anywhere, anytime as long as you have your laptop with you.

Sometimes, your internet service provider might go off air and leave you stranded without an internet connection thus the need to make sure that your very own portable usb internet modem is FREE to work on any network thus making migration smooth and seamless Winking smile.

This quick tutorial will show you how to get the unlock code for your Huawei USB Modem etc with the help of the Universal Master Code Huawei  unlocker software.

TAKE NOTE: If your modem is not listed below, this tutorial will not work for you so please don’t comment or contact me asking for unlock code to a model that’s not enlisted.


E156 E155, E1550 E1552, E156G E160, E160G E161 E166, E169 E169G, E170, E172, E176 E1762 E180 E182E E196 E226 E270, E800,E870 E880 EG162 E880 EG162 EG162G EG602 EG602G E271 E272 E510 E612 E618 E630 E620 E630+ E660 E660a


Click here to download and Run Universal Master Code.

Select the Tab For the modem you’d like to unlock. In the screen capture below, we are working with Huawei,

  1. Type the 15 digit IMEI number of your Huawei modem. The IMEI number can be found on the usb modem itself or on the packaging it came in.
  2. Select the Model of your Huawei USB modem and if not present, you can leave it to AUTOSELECT.
  3. Hit the Calculate button and wait a few seconds for the software to create the appropriate unlock code for your usb modem.
  4. Your unlock code is as shown circled in red. If you wish to flash the modem, the flash code is also provided.

Get Huawei Unlock Code Using Universal Master Code Software

Now that you have successfully gotten the unlock code for your Huawei usb modem, here’s how to apply the unlock code and free your modem off any restrictions once and for all Winking smile.


Once I’ve provided you with the unlock key, follow the steps below to unlock the modem.

Insert a SIM CARD different from the network that sold you the modem. For example, if you bought your modem from GLO, remove the GLO SIM inside and put in MTN, ZAIN or ETISALAT.

Plug the USB Modem into your computer and open the dashboard from where you connect to the internet.

After a few seconds/minute, a small window will pop up requesting for the unlock code.

Huawei Dashboard Asking For Unlock Code


Type in the unlock code correctly and click enter.

If the unlocking was successfully, the small window will automatically disappear meaning that your usb internet modem has been successfully unlocked icon_wink.gif.pagespeed.ce.x4djlqwajg . As shown below, give the dashboard a few seconds and @ the bottom left corner, it will start showing the name of the network whose SIM is within the modem.


Unlock Huawei Modem Dashboard


NOTE: If the small window persists, cancel everything you’re doing and contact me @ once!


Once your USB modem has been unlocked, you can now browse with any of the GSM networks BUT you will need to fill in their respective internet settings for you to be able to connect freely.

Under your dashboard, click on Tools then Options under which you’d now select Profile Management.


Input Network Settings For Internet In Huawei Dashboard


Under Profile Management, click on New and fill in the following for each network you want to setup

ETISALAT etisalat Leave Blank Leave Blank
GLO gloflat flat flat
MTN web web
AIRTEL internet internet


Once you’re done setting up a network, click Save to save the settings, then New if you want to set up another network.

When you’re through setting up the networks, go back to the Connection page, select the network you want to browse with, then click connect. If everything was setup properly, you should be able to browse without a hitch unless the network is experiencing problems @ that point in time.


To be able to recharge your account easily and check your data balance without having to insert your SIM into a phone, I suggest you download and install Mobile Partner 11.302.09.01.539. I’m using Huawei E160G on Microsoft Vista and it works pretty well icon_wink.gif.pagespeed.ce.x4djlqwajg[1] .

That’s all there is to it folks. Do please be kind enough as to share this info with your Facebook Friends. They’ll appreciate you for life for this simple gesture.

You can start requesting the unlock codes for your usb internet modems NOW! Remember response time is set @ 24 hours MAX!

Feel free to leave a comment, if you’ve got any questions or suggestions whatsoever Winking smile.

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  1. Sun Vichea says:

    Would you mind to help me to find any sofware to unlocked Modem ZTE Mf 180 , I got this modem that assigh to specific sim card , and now I need to unlocked to use all kind of sim.

  2. Pubudu Lakshika says:

    I have my unlock code.but I don’t know how to set send me to information how to set unlocl code in my E 160G usb modem.
    Call 0094714052407

  3. conrad says:

    i hav successfully unlock my usb modem, i wake up every morning just to see my friends with their modems asking me to unlock it for them, i works, i really appreciate the developer of this tutorials. if by any way u can now help me browse free, kindly send me a mail ( Big ups!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

    • Udegbunam Chukwudi says:

      Thanks man. I’m really glad it worked for you though I don’t do free browsing hacks sha :-)

    • Abhi says:

      I want to crack my tata photon mode plz help me rlu me on

    • santosh says:

      plz help me iam unable to unlock my idea net setter plz send me code my modle no eg62g and imei number is 353474029270360

      • Manash Kumar Deb Sarkar says:

        Dear Friend, You do not write the brand name like whether this is an HAUWEI or ZTE modem but try this code and I hope it will help you to unlock and enjoy.

        IMEI: 353474029270360
        This is your codes:
        » Unlock code: 66022332
        » Flash code: 65611465
        Have fun!

        ZTE BRAND
        IMEI: 353474029270360
        This is your codes:
        » Unlock code: 248992040402
        Have fun!

    • debu says:

      Hello, Please send me solution on tata photon Ec152 multi sim use,

  4. ben usher says:

    please help friends unlock imei 359574035750455

  5. Abhuilah says:

    hey i want to know about how to unlock the ZTE modem for free using univrsal code c alculaotr

  6. Parth Savani says:

    I have Docomo stick Model:MF631 HSUPA

    Can i use your software ?
    (*available option is not there in your s/w)
    if not than do you have any other way to unlock that…
    Reply me fast…..on my E-mail ID

    Thank you !

    • Udegbunam Chukwudi says:

      The software only supports modems that are listed above. Please check out

  7. deepander says:

    how to download the softwere and unlock my tata docomo mf631 shupa usb modem please help me

  8. lekan says:

    please i need software to unlock ZTE MF180 MODEM

  9. St julius says:

    Pls can anything be done to my starcomms 1x internet modem to work with other gsm sim network?

    • Udegbunam Chukwudi says:

      Nothing can be done about it because the Starcomms Internet Modem was made for CDMA networks not GSM networks. Huawei USB Internet Modems cost just N5,000 now so you might as well invest in one ;-)

  10. St julius says:

    Greatful boss for ur response! Pls which network modem would u advice me to go for ? and which network offers real value for money services?

  11. adamtey says:

    Please i download all the coders but it tells me to choose the com port can u help me

  12. Mikey says:

    Hi and thanks. Excellent tutorials. We are using Huawei modems from BT (British Telecoms) and their software is truly dire. Do you or anyone else here know if there’s any generic huawei connection software that can be downloaded. Couldn’t find anything on Huawei’s site.

    • Udegbunam Chukwudi says:

      Go the link above in the post that leads to and scroll down the page to download a generic huawei connection software

  13. Abdul Nasir says:

    Can u pls help me unlock my huawei moderm that is meant for only a single sim ?

  14. ABUBAKAR says:

    i want to unlocker EC22^ multi links modem

  15. gbenga says:

    the software i downloaded was empty why?

  16. TUHIN DAS says:


    • Udegbunam Chukwudi says:

      If you read the post carefully, you would have noticed that I really can’t help with this kind of modem. Cheers

  17. Ayoride says:

    i have ZTE MF 190 modem and i wish to unlock it…. this is the IMEI:357534044412937

  18. Rafiu says:

    Would you mind to help me to find any sofware to unlocked Modem ZTE Mf 627 , this is an MTN fastlink sim card , and now I need to unlocked to use all kind of sim.

  19. Lawal says:

    well done

  20. Olamilekan says:

    please i need an activation key for my system Windows 7

  21. edeblue says:

    please man i have try to unlock my ZTE mf190 IMEI 357534044426325 but is not working please help me out

  22. prem says:

    i have a vodafone usb modem model no-k3570 zte
    ow can we unlock it when we put another sim it shows other sim and there is no netwok so pls advice

  23. ade says:


  24. Mogaji toyin says:

    I have successfully down load my Huawei USB Modem Unlocker and I dey gbadun it now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Kudos to the developer of this tutorials.
    thanks oh ooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  25. sreenivas says:

    i got unlock and flash codes ..after process i could not understand process…idea netsetter huawei e1732

    • Udegbunam Chukwudi says:

      Read the article well to learn how to use the unlock code. Besides Huawei E1732 ain’t on the list

  26. William Asante says:

    i am finding it very difficult to unlock My huawei 3G Moderm. Model #: E1550, IMEI:356052040203227. i am pleading with you to come to my aid. Hope to hear from you shortly.
    William Asante

    • Marek Hudec says:

      Hi, if you want to unlock you modem or cell phone, this web site helped me out. They know how to unlock any brand, network, SIM or so.. and it was very fast an so cheap. Check it out here at sim unlock any cell phone.

  27. sreenivas says:

    plz tell me ….
    idea network huawei 173du-1 or e1732 how i unlock if isnt in list?

  28. segun says:

    i am not.

  29. shibaji says:

    dccrap cant unlock zte k3570 z vodafone modem.
    I am trying to unlock it but I cant do it from this software

  30. swagat mali says:

    pls help me i am trying to download Huawei USB Internet Modem Unlocker but i cant pls help me

  31. jerry says:

    now dat i have gotten the unlock code where will i place it pls help me it’s an huawei modem

  32. alex says:

    send me link,on how to ulock zte modem AC8720

  33. william says:

    cant you help me i want to unlock my huawei mobiy modem e1750c to ujse all simcard but icant i try now the universal unlock but is not operate only appers the unlock code but before i put in the modem and other sim card is not automatically appear if where i type the unlock code data the same with dc unlocker i down load now,, but it cannot do you have other idea

    • Udegbunam Chukwudi says:

      Sorry man. Can’t help you with that.

      • william says:

        my friend itry now i see now the unlock code, but when i type that code, because iput noe another simcard my mobily huawei modem nothing changes its ONLY THE SIMCARD MOBILY ID USE,thats the appears during i change other sim card, it my be i down load to type the number of unlock code data would please gived me where i can find that website so that itry to write the unlocked code number please fren need your help nw,,thanks

  34. adewagold says:

    your site rock like bomb. thaxxxxxxx very much. the software help me alot. i’m greatfull

  35. greiciani says:

    como baixar o programa

    • Udegbunam Chukwudi says:

      Aqui va

      • Sir Henry says:

        If anybody have any wahala make dem just hala me, for either ma phon 08062289747 or ma email

  36. Sudip says:

    Requeard zte cdma phone unlock no. for any cdma sim card use.Model-S160 or S1602

  37. bidemi says:

    can i use modem to browse free.

    • Udegbunam Chukwudi says:

      I don’t do free browsing tricks

      • Prince Iyke says:

        Hi Moderator nwanna, mehn first me & my peeps wont thank u enof, pls dere is dis phone “BB STORM 9530” is displaying activation required, but i subscribed 2a #450 weekly plan & got activated, start checking balance & all dat but MTN NG is not displaying rather it continued displaying ‘activation required’ i got 2MTN & u know dem na, dey told me 2go & see a specialist 4upgrade & i wonder de kind of upgrade a phone like BB STORM 9530 would need!
        Am in a hot okro soup until i rem i have a selfless peep like you, pls i need assistance,
        10k u seriously 4d ones u having been doing.

        • Udegbunam Chukwudi says:

          Read this post

          • Kumar Amsri says:

            sir pls tell is there a choice to unlock tata photon huawei ec152

            i am already updated dashboard and firmware but where can i get unlock code and there is no option showing enter unlock code,

            and here there is no imei no. also for this modem

            pls tell me there is a choice or not for ec152 modem

          • Udegbunam Chukwudi says:

            I sincerely wish I had a way of unlocking that type of modem but I don’t. Sorry man

  38. Sir Henry Yangejunio says:

    i would want to be a member, though am at present a student and a computer technician, please somebody help me to become a member so i can contribute and also recieve help on how to solve my little problems. tankz, kal with this number 08062289747, or mail me at

  39. laysambo says:

    do we need to connect our modem with pc to unlock in this process?

    • Sir Henry says:

      man, you don’t need to connect your moderm before getting the fucking crack code, your just type your IMEL no. in the calculator, then you insert a different network SIM card in your moderm and it would ask you of the unlock code the you just provide it. but if cant do it give a call on ma controller 08062289747

  40. Richie says:

    please i want to unlock ma modem but cant find the imei code.its a zte modem,help me

  41. DAVIS says:



  42. adnan says:

    how to unloak my idea huawai modem(new 7.2) plz help me..

  43. umar says:

    pls help me unluck my moderm E173u-1 IMEL 867455005128234
    pls help i am waiting thanks

    • Udegbunam Chukwudi says:

      Please read the post very well so we don’t start wasting each others time.

      • Prince Iyke says:

        HI MR TIPSTER,

    • KAYODE says:

      pls help me unluck my moderm E153u-1 IMEL 356342040441426
      pls help i am waiting thanks

      • Udegbunam Chukwudi says:

        Your modem is not listed. Sorry can’t help you.

      • oskaaay says:

        @ Kayode (Aug. 27 2011. your unlock code is 44927623 . Call me now on 07066052228;08097334041 or search for “Openinfosblog” on fb and add me has friend or email me at Please come back to this site to tell the world if it works or not.

  44. bob says:

    huawei u8180 unlock help
    imei 357232040671693

    • mark says:

      Selected Modem: u8180
      Phone IMEI: 357232040671693
      Calculating Codes…
      UNLOCK CODE : 33672678
      FLASH CODE : 52176306
      Codes Calculated OK…

  45. Jerry oluranti says:

    You are good

  46. KAYODE says:

    pls i need code & software for unlock HUAWEI E153 bc my model is not listed above. pls help me or direct the assistance to my mail.

  47. banji says:

    pls my zte modem does not have imei no, how do i unlock it?

  48. Eyoma says:

    Pls i need d unlock code to my zain huawei modem model EG162G imei 353474022582191 s/n D85TAA18C251624. I wud b vry grateful if u can do dis 4 me. U can also reach me at 07066084605. Pls do dis 4 me

    • Udegbunam Chukwudi says:

      Unlock the modem yourself by following the instructions in the post. Any help from me would cost you N500 in GLO Credit

    • mark says:

      Selected Modem: EG162G
      Phone IMEI: 353474022582191
      Calculating Codes…
      UNLOCK CODE : 41490890
      FLASH CODE : 52901242
      Codes Calculated OK…

  49. Eyoma says:

    10x i was successful but is there any way to unlock a modem dat does not use sim card like starcomms izap modem

  50. emilson tapal says:


  51. aibora samali says:

    u a good

  52. fun blogger says:

    I think this one is good too.

  53. Zanezwi says:

    please help me, how to insert unlock code on zte modem

  54. Oba Nna says:

    I bought universal modern “HSDPA 3G 7.2mbps” with MicroSD slot months ago. I’ve been browsing with it on Mtn but had a offer roam Airtel which I considered cheaper.My problem is, the modem only browse with MTN and etisalat sim, connects with Airtel sim but doesn’t browse (the download is stops after 2000 kbs). glo network is not seen. Itried cracking it on net but noticed there is no IMEI on it. Inserted it and tried to check from the interface but sadly met the same answer; “no IMEI”. The does not have model or marker name on in. pls what do i do?

  55. stralima says:

    please help unlock my modem

    it’is from Sierra wireless

    these are the caracteristics

    Sierra wireless 860
    Found modem : AC860
    Model : AirCard 860
    IMEI : 357806002351921
    Firmware : U1_1_29ACAP
    Voice feature : disabled
    SIM Lock status : Locked (PH-NET PIN

    thanks very much
    00 237 99 36 16 48

  56. Pretesh says:

    model : Huawei EC152

    no unlock code window is appearing when i insert the device to my laptop…

  57. Hayatu says:

    Hey, i found myself on this page while googling where to download nd install driver for internet modem e1690, i mistakenly deleted it nd now everytime i connect d modem to my pc, it asks for a cd for the device driver, but as u know now most devices dont come with a cd, i hav looked in many websites, i even went to zain office, they said there is nothing they can do, i use windows vista, so pls if anyone has an idea where i can download this would be much appreciated, a direct download link will be super!

  58. Hayatu says:

    Tanx alot man, download nd installed it already, using it right now, tanx again.

  59. Harsh Jani says:

    Cn i unlock my Vodafone modem????
    Please Reply me soon…

  60. Harsh Jani says:

    I got my unlock code but i can’t understand that how i unlock my modem…???

  61. gashugi madjid says:

    my phone is blocked by wrong code, when I was try to unlock the sim code. You can help me (zte-g r352 : IMEI 359249030638183 )

  62. Kayode says:

    Pls i have glo3g plus.i after i insert another sim card the pop window those display 4 unlock

  63. vijay sharma says:

    huawei 1550
    my imei no. 354638047678064
    s/n: B5A4CA10B2600389
    Please give me unlock code

  64. tund says:

    very funny, after downloading evrything no place to insert APN i became upset. with evrything. you plz help me out with this modem and all where to put the APN, bcoz i already downloaded the mobile partner and there is no place for APN.
    NO. 07099008339

  65. Kellisco says:

    Please I’m having a little problem unblocking my MTN fastlink. Actually before now, I tried to unblock it with a wrong code. So what is happening now is that whenever I put it in a Zain or Glo Sim card, the following will be displayed: Only specified SIM/USIM will be used on this device. There is no box for me to put in the unblocking code which I now have. Please can you help me out? I’ll be very grateful if you did.

    • Udegbunam Chukwudi says:

      The modem has been permanently locked to the network and I don’t even know if flashing the device can unlock it or not.

    • Izebhokhae Stanley says:

      use the universal master code, you will get an unlock code and a flash code, try the flash code, mind you, it might overwrite the network parameters or even remove the dashboard so that you will need to download another program to use on it, best thing is get a new modem, they come quite cheap these days…

  66. Danushka Priyadarshana says:

    huawei e153
    my imei no 356342045278690
    Please give me unlock code

  67. Shaanmjcet says:

    my device IMEI number is :- 355013040086401 and S/N :- NJ4CA1091618357 
    plz give me unlock code for this device

  68. Aa says:

    yo facebook downloads dont work. Its a farce…

    • Udegbunam Chukwudi says:

      You’re supposed to access the download page via your computer and not your mobile phone

      Udegbunam Chukwudi

  69. Suryas219 says:

    i lost 10 attempt to unlock idea net setter eg162g .when i put an other sim it show error . only for specfic sim  

  70. Sule Solomon75 says:

    3G MODEM UMTS/HSDPA 7,2 mbps

  71. Patel Ghanshyam0 says:

    huawei EC150 Mobile Broadband
    my imei no. RHWCDD230108208
    & A000002DD93B13
    Reliance netconnect
    plz help

    And How to unlock divice

  72. Emora Thunder says:

    my huawei E173 have speed 20kps how can i do for maximum speed…pls reply…….urgent……

  73. Emora Thunder says:

    my huawei E173 have speed 20kps how can i do for maximum speed plz help…..

  74. Sourabh Bhimani says:

    i have a huawai net setter model no.e1732 i want to unlock.?pls help

  75. rik panharoth says:

    ur unlock code

  76. Hardik Patel says:

    hi i have unlock code of huawei e177 estick. but dont know the further process to unlock the modem.please help by giving me that process.

  77. Hardik Patel says:

    hi i have unlock code of huawei e177 estick. but dont know the further process to unlock the modem.please help by giving me that process.

  78. Himanshu says:

    I have HUAWEI MOBILE BROADBAND modal no. is HUAWEI EC150.
    MEID: A000002D4E856C
    S/N: BVA9MB1130318009
    SKU: CDHW12Z2

    i want help to unlock this device…………….. plz help me….. how to unlock my device… and tell me can i use any sim in this device after unlock the device and provide me step……………..plz…….

    • Udegbunam Chukwudi says:

      Instructions on unlocking your modem are right there in the article above but do please note that I don’t think your modem is supported ’cause it’s not listed above.

      You could transalate this article to your language using Google Translate for better understanding.


  79. sandesh says:

    i need unlock code for huawei ec152. Meid:a00000201c536b

    • Rev: Sylvester Peter says:

      I have Huawei 3g USB Modem (model K3565 – Rev 2) Device Name: E160x IMEI: 356408037790925 Serial No: dx5taa1011300906 I want to Unlock its code so that I can use any operators sim cards. plz help me. Waiting for your quick reply.

      • Manash Kumar Deb Sarkar says:

        Dear Friends, You can use this code to Unlock it so that You can use any Mobile operators.

        IMEI: 356408037790925
        This is your codes:
        » Unlock code: 48442642
        » Flash code: 53351815
        Have fun!

  80. Muthukumar says:

    hi friends i am using ZTE MF627 HSDPA modem in bsnl.i am using 2G network. i like to change another network.please help me how to connect network(airtel,aircel,videocon. in my modem other than bsnl sim card did not accepted(indicate red symbol ) how to change?

  81. gerald oliveros says:

    dudz.. plz help me unlock my sun bro

    sun bro
    huawei e153
    imei 869604002379443

  82. samo says:

    huawei u8180 unlock help
    imei 357232043634417

    • Manash Kumar Deb Sarkar says:

      Dear Friends, Please use this code. I hope it will work.
      IMEI: 357232043634417
      This is your codes:
      » Unlock code: 43179788
      » Flash code: 61355307
      Have fun!

  83. sunil says:

    Please Help to unlock reliance e173 huawei

  84. jacob milla says:

    i tray to unlockmy huawei modem bt it says only the specified sim/usim card can be used on the device

  85. Tawheed says:

    Sir, i m using tata photon plus EC152 model bearing IMEI no
    Aooooo20D4F6BF , please upload the firmware for the said device, so that i can get rid out of that.

  86. Imtiyaz says:

    I have a modem of huawei but i dont know the modem number now want to unlock it.i have imei number but without modem number i want to unlock it,plz find free software for me.

    • Udegbunam Chukwudi says:

      I suggest you just try unlocking it without the model no. Try it only once and if it doesn’t work, STOP!

      Remember you only have 10 trials at unlocking the modem before it becomes locked to your network.

  87. benty says:

    please help me to unlock tata photon net setter huaewai EC 152 model

  88. Gourav singla says:

    mane apne idea netsetter ko unlock karna hai jisme other sim use ho sake is ke liye muje kya karna padega plz answere meri id per send kar de

  89. shasikanth says:

    i’m finding hard to unlock my modem kindly help me.
    IMEI 355445042307981 model E1732

  90. cris says:

    pls can what will i do? i 4got to use my model name and mistakly attempt 8time with wrong code tank 4 ur help

    • Udegbunam Chukwudi says:

      You only have 2 trials left. The best you can do is to make sure that your modem make and model number are compatible with the unlock software then try generating the unlock code again

  91. Sulaimon says:

    Pls help me, cant find anything downloadable on the facebook account link.

  92. paa says:

    i want to reliance 3g mf-190 unlock code…plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    contact me.8602687858

  93. gurpreet singh says:


    Phone IMEI: 350123009876543
    sir please tell how tata photon+ unlock please..

  94. ashim kumar says:

    i have been using TATA PHOTON+ since last six months…but now i find it difficult to use as it is slow.i dont want to use it anymore but i want to put a 3G sim of different network into this modem.will it work?????????? but inserting a different sim into photon doesnt show any difference.i want to know if there is any procedure required to break the code of this modem so that i can use different sim? pease let me know.

  95. lesage says:

    Hello, I have two orange Cameroon huawei modems and would have loved to unlock one in order to use with an mtn sim card, but when plugged in the only message that is recieved in:invalid sim; making the whole process practically impossible. Could you please through some ligt on this? Huawei E173 and E1552. I have been able to get both their unlock codes and flash with the sofware.

    • Udegbunam Chukwudi says:

      Try this and see if it works for you or not:

  96. MP says:

    hi,Iam MP manpreet .ireaaly dont no what to do with this code iam using tataphotn+EC156 and how can i use it for free please tell me ?

    • Udegbunam Chukwudi says:

      This model number isn’t listed above so I really don’t know how to go about helping you out with the unlock process

  97. Sammie says:

    please my IMEI is 860604005004583. E173 HSPA Modem.HUAWEI. But i dont know how to do it. can u teach me pls?

  98. Adeniran Jammy says:

    pls i want to download this universal master code and hw can i download it, pls help me!

  99. eliud says:

    is it possible to unlock huwaei modem 173

  100. Bernard James says:

    Thanx very much,i tried this software, it is very nice and now my usb modem is opened and working well.

  101. masese mbano says:

    my modern is model is E153u-1 FOR Huawei and IME:869604001917235

  102. Bern says:

    yap, my name is Bern J, it is true that i am a new member of this site, i like this site very much coz it is helpful to us. by the way, i have one question, i was trying to unlock my HUAWEI modem for Zantel EC122 by updating the os, the previous os or firmware was and the new one after updating is, i succeed to update it but now i have one problem of connectivity,1.when i connect it it is giving me a message “only the specified UIM card can be used on the device” . so i need ur help for that. thanx in advance.

    • Dr. Udegbunam Chukwudi Emmanuel says:

      Looks like the upgrade you did might not be compatible with the modem and thus I suggest you download the old firmware and flash the modem again

  103. Bern Chaggu says:

    i am looking links for huawei modem cdma firmware
    thanx in advance

    • Dr. Udegbunam Chukwudi Emmanuel says:

      A friend once told me CDMA firmwares are somewhat difficult to find but not impossible. I hope you find the exact one you’re looking for

  104. kunal says:

    How to unlock HUAWEI EC152 ? Currently working on Tata Photon plus.

  105. ravi says:

    give me site details of site for sownload universal mastercodev.04 unlocker

  106. mrs.raghu says:

    reliance net connect hispeed

  107. PATO says:

    i would like to know how to unlock modem model e173u-1 with an imei 861976009966564,

  108. Apurb kHATRI says:

    Please help me I am not able to unlock my ZTE reliance modem whose IMEI no. is 911133900166395

  109. prosper.h.creppy says:

    pls how do i use the unlock code to unlock my modem, cos i have this E1552 hawei moderm, i calculate for the code but anytime i try to unlock it tells me ERORR. pls help me. the IMEI is 354638041368340.

  110. soggy says:

    Hi can I be able to unlock the Modem Huawei in Offline mode?????

  111. bruno samky says:

    pless help to un lock this IMEI:869604001892461 e153

  112. Rohit says:

    hello i am rohit , on 13th july 2012 i bought idea modem e1732 but i wanted to use it for aircel so i was trying to unlock it by seeing the tutorials in net but now this modem is not accepting the idea sim. anyone pls guide me to solve my problem . reply soon.
    my number is 9966565427 and my fb id :

  113. alok says:

    my dongle model no is mf 190 please send me the code my number is 9856194823

  114. chutiya says:

    bhosdi walo koi mujhe tata photon+ ec152 ka lock todne ka answear dega

  115. Swapan says:

    please help to unlock HUAWEI Mobile Connect.
    Model- E169
    IMEI- 358109024804657

  116. rout says:

    it is okay but is not like i want

  117. bunty says:

    Hello sir,
    I have one modem which i have to unlock izap-ZTE
    MODEL:AC2766 CDMA2000 1X.
    kindly help me
    thanking you.

  118. Chima foster says:

    Pls friend, i want u to help me wit the unlocking code for my glo netpro modem. Model mf110, ImEI:356420046875852,EAn:6934933003095

    • Chukwudi Emmanuel Udegbunam says:

      I don’t know how to unlock that kind of modem sir. You might want to try using DC Crap software

  119. Funsho says:

    kindly help me to convert my NOKIA phone in-built with STARCOMM SIM CARD only, to Universal SIM Mode. please how can i go about it?

  120. md.shahid anwer says:

    how can break my modem tct ce700 imeino is 354594032470050 i,m use in saudi arabiya by stc network

  121. Stephen Adelakun says:

    Cannot unlock the new Huawei E303 Modem. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks

  122. niyas says:

    i want to unlock my idea e303d net setter
    model no:huawei e303d
    imei no:860369011331376

  123. amos says:

    pls help me out. i bought a huawei e303with imei 867648010636494 but i could not unlock it. the unlock code i have been given but did not work out: 51531652 & 51871436. i will appreciat your help. amos

  124. jay saint says:

    if by any way u can now help me browse free, kindly send me a mail at,

  125. Akol, Akol says:

    get unlocked with all HUAWEI Madam and Broadband in SIM PASSWORD at
    URL –
    WITH ZTE Please DC UNLOCKER simply

  126. wipro says:

    I am attaching the diagnostics of DC Crap

    Found modem : E353
    Model : _Unknown Huawei modem_
    IMEI : 357260040480880
    Firmware :
    Dashboard version : UTPS23.
    Serial NR. : G3N5TA11B1403742
    Voice feature : not supported in current firmware
    SIM Lock status : Locked (Card Lock)
    Wrong codes entered : 4 (unlock attempts left : 6)

    Unlocking still shows the same(locked)

    Universal_MasterCode shows codes like this which are not even working and i have 6 attempts left please help : UNLOCK CODE : 63220023
    FLASH CODE : 55054826

    • Chukwudi Emmanuel Udegbunam says:

      @Wipro: are you using the DC Crap software I linked to on this article. If so and it ain’t working, I really don’t know any way around to get the unlock code for you.

      Sorry man

      • wipro says:

        thanks for the reply , yes i am using the DC Crap software is showing unlocked but still it is not working

        thanks in advance

        • Chukwudi Emmanuel Udegbunam says:

          I’m really lost with regards to unlocking this Huawei modem of yours sir!

          DC Crap was the ultimate solution I had in mind

  127. NKEKOS says:

    Can you help to unluck my Modem Huawei MDEL E153u -2 IMEI: 357289043314267 S/N BAA5TA1151900693

  128. hari krishna reddy says:

    vmb k3770 unlocking software tell me name

  129. hari krishna reddy says:

    vmb k3770 unlocking software tell me name

  130. gboye says:

    pls,i have huawei 4g wired/wireless mordem but i cant find d code on ur list.i want u to hlp me out.d model:echolife bm635, name:wimax cpe, 21500810918w09002301.i dnt no mayb its can wrk 4 free browsing for swift.

  131. abdulhadi says:

    I need unlocker for huwei e177u-1

  132. bolarinwa adedayo says:

    good site

  133. ibrahim mayage says:

    please help me on how to unlock my huawei E153 modem with imei 357289042300234 using ur software

  134. yage says:

    please help me on how to unlock my huawei E153 modem with imei 357289042300234 using ur software

  135. Frank says:

    Pls I have tried 2 unlock my modem & am unable. Kindly help me with my unlock code.

    Model – E1550
    IMEI – 356052045249092

    The unlock code I got does not work – 202156408684, and is too for the unlock space.

    Thanks for the assistance.

  136. HUMPHREY EDWARD says:

    hi brother! Please send 2 me the attached software for unlocking and flashing HUAWEI MODEM and unlock code + flash code (my modem is IMEM:867648010193090, S/N: U9CBYA9270731316).

  137. daodu abiodun says:

    i’ve tried alot to unlock my modem, pls help out tnx alot

  138. daodu abiodun says:

    imel=867648010353496. s/n=U9CBYA9270907414

  139. Ay says:

    I like the explanation so far, but still having issues activating mine, i use Etisalat modem but no Model number on it but was able to calculate an eight digit code from the calculator, but with that number it could not unlock the modem but when I raised the number to sixteen digit number by adding the flash code with it, the “ok” was able to display but yet I couldn’t unlock it, however I noted that it can only be activated with sixteen and not eight digit numbers, I’m just stranded, need to get this thing done. thanks for ur post it really helped so much, u’re doing a great job. waiting for ur reply.

    • Chukwudi Emmanuel Udegbunam says:

      @AY: I’m sure you’re talking of that ZTE modem being sold by Etisalat Nigeria. So far so good, it’s a pretty darn difficult modem to unlock but you could try Googling and download DCrap to see if it enables you to unlock the modem.

  140. Eben says:

    What if when i insert a new network sim and the small window doesn`t pop up demanding the unlocking code?

    • Chukwudi Emmanuel Udegbunam says:

      @Eben: In your case the kind of unlocking needed might be flashing the modem. Have you tried using this method:

  141. taran veer says:

    ill try every thing but it not acces i want to convert gsm pls suggect me.

  142. Obuluku Zanger says:

    Still doing some work on my modem too

  143. MOSES says:


  144. Parims says:

    I got a Vodafone K3520-Z. Using the tool i got the unlock code. But where do i enter the unlock code. As said by you in the post, the Vodafone dashboard does not show up the unlock screen

    • Chukwudi Emmanuel Udegbunam says:

      @Parims if an unlock Window is not shown, you’d have to use another software or flashing method to unlock it

  145. Osuji Uchenna Jude says:

    Please i want the code for unlocking moderm

  146. KUNAL says:

    Hello sir……….
    Please help me to unlock
    I want to crack or unlock it easily

  147. GASTOR RICHARD says:

    i want this program

  148. Libral chi lawrence (fb) says:


  149. libral chi Lawrence (fb) says:

    I just found a way to unlock GLO NETPRO OR huawei E303 Modem.. guy i sweat before i see this one … hit me if you need it

  150. Jes Sie says:

    I have an ETL aircard (LAOS location) and I want to unlock it. Can you please help show the links or the method how to unlock my aircard? thank you so much for your help

    • Chukwudi Emmanuel Udegbunam says:

      @Jes if the model number and brand of your modem tallies with those listed in the article above then simply follow the guide carefully to unlock it

      • Anonymous says:

        Thanks for the reply. Maybe my modem is not listed above. I don’t even know how to get the specs of my modem. thanks anyway.

  151. Edward Mashauri says:

    HI sir

    i have not successfully to unlock my usb modem,(e173) i use much time to try
    but i get nothing success please help me (

  152. Edward Mashauri says:

    HI sir

    i have not successfully to unlock my usb modem,(e173)My IMEI Modem is (862910017573764)UNLOCK CODE : 38281204 and FLASH CODE : 56319738
    i use much time to try.but i get nothing success, please help me (

  153. omoigho garen says:

    sir i downloaded huawei usb unlocker from one of ur links but could not insult it on my system because on clicking the insulation link my system showed me that the application is not a valid win32 application.

  154. sarath kumar says:

    I am having an HUWAEI E1550 IDEA netsetter i have my

    IMEI NO IS : 356052047882262

    UNLOCK CODE: 48501969

    FLASH CODE: 5414558

    AFTER Plug the USB Modem into my computer the dashboard from where you connect to the internet After a few seconds/minute, a small window will pop up requesting for the unlock code. YOU SAID but it doesnt pop for me help me please please contact 7299958521

    After a few sec

  155. Emzue ifeanyi says:

    Please,the unclocker pop up is not coming up on my mobile partner so i don’t knw how to go about it

  156. love says:

    but i don’t know where i can fun dashboard

  157. Ajibola says:

    i followed d steps above to generate my unlock code. when i inserted SIM of another network in d modem. it displayed a space to enter d unlock code repeatedly up to 10 times & entered it accordingly until it displayed d modem is permanently blocked. D modem is HUAWEI E303, pls help!

    • Chukwudi Emmanuel Udegbunam says:

      @Ajibola sorry I can’t help you man. You failed to read the article well before proceeding. Your model number is not listed above and you didn’t quit after the code failed the first time.

      I suggest you Google how to unlock a blocked modem and see if you find anything useful.

      Sorry for your loss

  158. Rizwan says:

    HI Freind
    i have a zte dvice i like to free net use am from pak so plz tel me am coult this
    Model ;AC2766

    M Waiting ur replay

  159. selva says:

    i doesnt find the dashboard where to find it

    • Chukwudi Emmanuel Udegbunam says:

      @Selva: The dashbaord is installed on your computer. If you don’t have it, you can install this one

  160. mike says:

    pls,how can i unlock my huawei e226 multilink modem.The modem is locked to a CDMA network .

  161. Elisha says:

    tnx bro……………..but can i get a software for cracking wifi password? i will also appreciate some notes on how to crack a network……………..yours friendly

  162. diwakar says:

    hai gd day,

    I have etisalat modem ztc MF631 WITH IMIE CODE : 861424010874782, I WANT TO UNLOCK THE MODEM PLEASE HELP ME WITH UNLOCKING.

    thank you….

  163. JOHN says:

    Hi Bro help me also how to unlock mi modem model E173.I tried to check all that you provided but its model was not listed so it did not help me!!!! IMEI:86886006470452

    • Chukwudi Emmanuel Udegbunam says:

      @John please go to and see if they can help

  164. jimoh says:

    Wat sud I do if unable 2 unlock

    • Chukwudi Emmanuel Udegbunam says:

      @Jimoh: you would have to patronize one of those services that helps unlock locked modems. You can check here to see you find help

  165. JOHN says:

    Mi bro my modem has refused I got the unlock code but the pop window does not come, it brings that “only specified Sim card can be used on the device!!” I tried also unlocking without the unlock code but it does not accept to register networks!! Help me bro i don’t know what to do now!.

  166. OMOHA DANIEL says:

    the enter unlock box did not show.

  167. Kelil says:

    MEID A00000365008B2 what is password to unlock my huawei EC177 PESN 80CEC302