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Download Ubersocial For BlackBerry 10 – Best Free Twitter Client

Unlike their legacy devices, it looks like BlackBerry Canada is having a hard time developing in house apps for Twitter and Facebook on the BlackBerry 10 platform and as such are relying on the android versions of these apps. On BlackBerry 10 devices, multiple twitter accounts are no longer supported …

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The White BlackBerry Z10 3G Smartphone Review

For all those that have been stressing my life to review the new flagship device for BlackBerry Canada, here you go oh! *lol. just kidding* Reviews can be so exhausting thus the delay. Anyway, I think I’ve used the device long enough to be able to make an authentic assessment …

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Ainol Novo Fire / Flame 7 inch Android Tablet Review

Given my sweet experience with the THL W6 and my yet to be vanquished frustration with the lack of apps on the BlackBerry platform, I decided to have a go at a Chinese 7 inch android tablet thus I decided to settle for the Ainol Novo Fire 7. Boy was …

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THL W6 5.3 Inch Android ICS Smartphone Review

Gone are the days when smartphones cost an arm. With the influx of low-cost processors from the likes of MediaTek, the average joe can now afford a smartphone with a dual core processor, 1GB ram, HSDPA, large full touchscreen amongst many top features. Such is the success of MediaTek, that …

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BlackBerry PlayBook Review: Cheapest High Quality Budget 7 inch Tablet

So I’ve had the 64GB Wi-Fi version of the BlackBerry PlayBook for almost 2 months now and I did have intentions of writing a review of it but unlike mobile phones, I was just not feeling inspired at all until now. Thanks to the guys at the Mobility Nigeria BBM …

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Eight Reasons Why I Love Advanced OS & LED For BlackBerry

It’s been a while since I reviewed a BlackBerry application. This one has been on my mind for weeks now but never could find the time to write about it until now. Advanced OS and LED for BlackBerry is one of those sexy multipurpose apps that save a lot of …

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VLC Beta For Android Review: How To Play WMA Files On Android Phones

So I recently hopped on the Android platform with the cool Pliris Blaze + (click here to read the Pliris Blaze + review) and have been reveling in the plethora of apps the Google Android ecosystem has got to offer.
For literally everything I’ve set out to achieve on the device, …

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Pliris Blaze + Review: Nigeria’s First Dual SIM Android ICS Smartphone

Before I start, allow me to say that never have I envisioned myself buying a Made By Nigerians mobile gadget. As in NEVER. That totally changed when I read Mister Mobility’s mini review of the Pliris Blaze +. Right there and then, I knew I just had to get the …

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Vantium Power Capsule Review: Mini Inverter – Charger For Mobile Gadgets

Power supply in Nigeria as far back as I can remember has always been epileptic. It’s so bad that when good ol’ NEPA (now PHCN) supplies light for 18 straight hours, we all begin to fret less they finally decide to switch the power off and withhold it for days …

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