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How To Fix WordPress RSS Feed Summary/Excerpt

With Google’s Panda update being as erratic as ever, most bloggers are now turning to their RSS feeds to augment their monthly traffic/adsense earnings. They’ve all switched from offering full feeds to summary feeds so that their readers have to visit the main website to read the rest of the …

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How To Use Your LG X330T X335 Dual SIM As An Internet Modem

One of the beauties of internet enabled mobile phones is you can sometimes use them as a modem for connecting to the internet on the go. In the past I’ve shown you all how to use your Nokia, Samsung and BlackBerry phones as internet modems and now it’s the turn …

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How To Backup PC Data With Image For Windows

In one of my past posts, I discussed the dilemmas involved when choosing the best backup medium of our precious data. The debate was between online data backup systems like Mozy and offline backup mediums like CD/DVD/Portable hard drives
Today I’ll be showing ya’ all how to backup your data to …

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How To Flash/Upgrade Huawei USB Internet Modem Firmware

As it is with mobile phone operating systems, usb internet modem firmwares can be upgraded to make the device function better. Some internet modems do have issues with connectivity and signal strength and upgrading their firmwares is sometimes the solution to the problem.
NOTE: In some cases, upgrading your modem’s firmware …

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How To Unlock Huawei USB Internet Modem Without Unlock Code

Unlocking your USB Internet Modems is a great way of making sure that wherever you go, you are able to surf the internet on just about any network. Unfortunately some usb internet modems which are locked to the network provider might prove a bit difficult to unlock and MTN Nigeria’s …

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The Fastest Way To Download Torrents Is Torrific!

Downloading torrents over a slow connection is one frustrating task for those on dial-up connection and folks are constantly seeking new ways to download the files they want in record time. As we all know, the download speed of your torrents all depend on the speed of your internet connection, …

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How To Install BlackBerry Apps From PC To BlackBerry Device

BlackBerry App World offers you access to the most popular and RIM approved BlackBerry application downloads. Unfortunately some “crucial” apps never make it into App World and thus installing them on your BlackBerry device becomes such a drag.
In my quest for another download manager for BlackBerry Curve 3G, I stumbled …

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How To Increase Memory In BlackBerry Curve 3G OS 6

Over the weekend, I performed an upgrade of my BlackBerry Curve 3G to OS 6.0 and loved the initial result until I discovered that I had less memory to install and run my favorite BlackBerry applications.
Apparently the new OS 6.0 comes with a ton of features that use up quite …

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Download BlackBerry OS 6.0 For All Mobile Networks

Upgrading my BlackBerry operating system to OS (Bundle 2475) has been on my mind for weeks now ever since I heard that BlackBerry OS 6.0 had been released for major BlackBerry models like Tour, Curve, Bold, Storm and Pearl.
Globacom Nigeria, my network operator as always wasn’t pushing the …

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