Quick Review of Airtel’s Unlimited Night Data Plan

Once upon a time Airtel Nigeria’s internet service was undisputedly the worst in the land but they seem to have revamped the service as it has improved remarkably in the past months. Everywhere I go here in Sokoto, I’m able to get a stable 3G connection though the speed varies sometimes sha.

When their unlimited night plans were initially launched, they came ridiculously cheap at N100 for 1Hour, N300 for 3 hours and N500 for 6 hours. As it is with all better thingz, we bastardized it and they had to withdraw the plans for review.

After review, the N300 and N500 plans were made to offer 30 minutes and 60 minutes of unlimited browsing/downloads at any time of the day.

A new night only plan was created to last for 120 minutes at the cost of N1,000.

Plan Name Data Allowance Price USSD CODE
TIME TIME BASED 30  30 Minutes – Unlimited N300 439*3#
TIME BASED 60  60 Minutes – Unlimited N500 439*4#
NIGHT 120 (12am to 5:59am)  120 Minutes – Unlimited N1,000 481*2#


Nigerians as always are complaining that N1,000 for 3 hours of unlimited browsing is expensive as if Airtel don turn NGO. *side eye*

In my honest opinion, that N1000 make sense die and even if they increased it to N1,500 I’d still pay up. The speed is fantastic getting up to 3MB/s. The last time I used it I was able to download over 16GB of data.

Airtel Download Speed For Unlimited Night Plan


16GB of data for just N1,000 na beans?! Airtel chop knuckle 👊

Airtel Unlimited Data Plan Night Bandwidth


Few things I don’t like about the plan are

  1. You can’t check how much time you have left so as not to eat into your airtime.
  2. Airtel offers no clarification as to when the countdown starts i.e does your time start running from 12 am or from when you connect for the first time.
  3. Also there’s no word on if when you disconnect for a while, your time pauses or continues running

What I do is subscribe and start downloading immediately to avoid stories that touch. I don’t use the night plan frequently out of fear Airtel might have a way of throttling the speed for frequent users of the plan.

Remember the Night plan is valid for only 6 hours starting from 12 am to 5.59 am.

Before subscribing make sure Airtel signal in your area works fine to avoid burning N1K for nothing. I’ve seen too many complaints about this.

Have you ever tried Airtel’s Unlimited Night Data Plan? What was your experience like? Please share with us in the comment section. Thanks

UPDATE 14th June 2016: Thanks to Oladimeji, I just discovered that the N100 for 1 hour and N200 for 2 hours unlimited night plans still exist. To access them, you have to migrate to Airtel smartTRYBE plan by dialing *312# or sending ‘YES’ to 312.

Dialing *312*3# gets you the N100 plan and *312*4# gets you the N200 plan. These plans run from 11pm to 5.59am only.

To make things even better, you can resubscribe again once your time is up. I tried it with a N200 plan then N100 plan afterwards and it worked.

For more details, click here and enjoy while it lasts.

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