Download & Play Angry Birds Offline On Your Computer

Play Angry Birds Offline On Computer Without Browser Or Internet

I’ve been literally haunted by the Angry Birds game on social media networks to the extent where I felt it was just another FarmVille by Zynga.

While going through my RSS Reader some minutes ago, I discovered that the game could now be played offline via the Google Chrome browser. A little bit of googling saw me stumbling on a link that allows one to download and play Angry Birds on your computer without an internet connection or browser Winking smile.

The download file is hosted @ MediaFire and weighs just 34MB. I’ve only just played a few minutes of the game and me likey mucho already. I just hope I don’t get addicted to making the pigs pay for stealing bird eggs Winking smile.


NOTE: If you are asked for a password, simply use As soon as the download completes, simply extract and start playing by clicking on the Angry Birds icon.

You can get more info @ Play Angry Birds Offline On Your PC With Out Any Browser by Amatuer Geeks.

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