BlackBerry Leak Is Even Better Than Ever

The new leak dropped 2 days before Christmas and I’ve only had time to test it out tonight and it’s simply awesome. I can now open links be default in Opera Mini, download torrents straight from the browser using Ttorrents app and I can even save links directly to my Pocket app now. You can now share to android apps without fuss. I’m yet to get Instagram share working though some folks say its working just fine for them.

So excited. See screenshots below

If you’re interested and not scared, you can get the leak at Legend presents for all Q and Z.

I sincerely can’t wait for the official version to drop.

IMG_20140101_011448 IMG_20140101_011529

IMG_20140101_013210 IMG_20140101_010743

IMG_20140101_010746 IMG_20140101_010927

IMG_20140101_010815 IMG_20140101_010826

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