My 7 Month Experience with Jarrow Formulas’ Glutathione Pills For Skin Lightening

It’s been 7 months on #JarrowFormulasGlutathioneReduced pills and this video sums up what the journey and experience has been like using it to help fix my hyperpigmentation issues.

It’s a slightly long video but you can jump to parts you want using the timestamps. To do this you’d have to watch the video directly on YouTube here. Timestamps are in the description box.

UPDATE May 2020: For those who have accused me of bleaching my skin from black to white, do please see the pictures at the end of this page taken from my instagram profile before I started seeking ways to even my skin tone. Notice the difference in tone from face to arms to legs.

I’ll be addressing this in a video some day

Video Transcript

My romance with hyperpigmentation has always being a simple one to be honest. Being in between 4 and 5 on the Fitzpatrick scale meant I always tanned within say 20 minutes of intense sun exposure. (This tan becomes obvious in 24 – 48 hours)


Fortunately such tans would vanish after two to four weeks of little to zero sun exposure due to staying indoors or covering tanned parts with adequate clothing.

Over the years, it would appear that my body has lost the ability to recover properly from a tan as I keep getting comments that I’ve gotten darker. I paid no attention to these comments until my father said something about it.

My dad isn’t one to make comments so when he does, you know it’s serious. Just like he expressed worry over my exaggerated weight loss, he expressed same about my darkening skin and thus I decided to fix it.

I first tried 20% Azelaic acid and purged for like 6 weeks after which I contacted the lady that sold it to me and she recommended I add glutathione and vitamin c to my regimen to help.

I was hesitant to try this because One, a boy was really broke and Two I hadn’t read up well on glutathione. When I eventually did, a colleague of mine who also sells glutathione decided to give me a bottle of Jarrows on trial, no upfront fees and so I began my journey with Jarrow’s Glutathione.

Effects of Jarrow’s Glutathione Reduced Pills On Skin

I don’t remember clearly my initial dosage but I think it was 2 grams (4 capsules) on an empty stomach for like 3 weeks plus.  I started noticing results within 3 weeks. The lower third of my arms were first to start glowing in the sun and that’s when I knew it was really working.

Allow me to say that it didn’t do jack for my purging though. I eventually stopped Azelaic acid and switched to 0.1% tretinion gel. I’ll hopefully do a review of these two some day.

Overall I have to say that I’m impressed with what glutathione has done for me in terms of evening out my skin tone but I wish it worked evenly.

Apparently glutathione’s lightening effect starts in patches which is why I noticed the effect first on my arms. This effect hasn’t extended properly to my face and neck so I’m stuck trying other topical solutions to make my face blend with my body.

Maybe the fake Bio Oil I’ve been using for years on my face (unknowingly) is to blame for my hard to deal with facial hyperpigmentation.

UPDATE: I later discovered that I was using too much acid on my face and that’s probably why the glutathione’s effect wasn’t showing on my face. Too much acid = too much irritation = overproduction of melanin.

Does Jarrow Glutathione Work For Skin Lightening?

The skin lightening effects of glutathione seem to show up early for those that are naturally light skinned. If you’re naturally dark skinned, it might take forever to see results unless you switch to IV glutathione which I personally don’t recommend as there seems to be no FDA approved brand and the internet is rife with cases of severe adverse reactions from IV glutathione use.

Am I Naturally Light Skinned or Darker Skinned?

If you are confused about being naturally light skinned, do this quick test.

Compare the color of your most covered up body parts example legs (if you work in an office 5 days a week) with your exposed parts (face). If the covered part is way lighter than the exposed parts, you’re naturally light skinned and suffering from hyperpigmentation.

NOTE: The above test is for those that aren’t on any skin lightening creams or pills at the moment.

How To Make Glutathione Skin Lightening Effect Last Longer

If you cannot be bothered with using very high UVA/UVB sun protection aka SPF 50+ sunscreen with a minimum 3 Boots star rating, do not bother with using glutathione. Sunscreen is needed to make your journey to even skin tone faster. Without sunscreen, your glutathione levels would be depleted very fast leaving very little behind for it to work its skin brightening magic.

I don’t think  I have any other thing to say about this. If you’ve got questions & comments do leave them down below.

In my next video which is linked in the description box below, I’ll be detailing my current glutathione dosage, timing, side effects and how to deal with them.

Thank you so much for sicking to the end of this video. If you like it do please give it a thumbs up and don’t forget to hit the subscribe button please.


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Part 2: How I Take Jarrow Formulas Glutathione Reduced To Fix My Hyperpigmentation

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