Baseus Cube HUB Adapter Review

I might be broke but the "buy-buy" in me had to be appeased so when I couldn't find anything reasonable to buy during Aliexpress's past November 11-11 sale, I settled for this cheap cute USB HUB adapter from Baseus.

The USB 3.0 Baseus Cube HUB Adapter comes with 5 ports of which 3 support USB 3.0 transfer speeds and the remaining 2 support the older USB 2.0 transfer speeds.

Overall the transfer speeds are very much on par with that on the default USB 3.0 ports of my Late October 2013, MacBook Pro. I highly recommend buying the device to expand the USB port offering on your desktop/laptop. Mine just has 2 ports so this device is a lifesaver for when I need more than two ports at a time.

Images and Full video review are down below


Baseus Cube HUB Adapter 5 Ports 4


Baseus Cube HUB Adapter 5 Ports 3


Baseus Cube HUB Adapter 5 Ports 1


Baseus Cube HUB Adapter 5 Ports 2


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Article written by On December 7, 2019.

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