Xiaomi YDLYEJ01LM Mi Sports Bluetooth Headset Quick Review

These days it seems as though I'm always itching to buy something even if I don't need it. As long as the cost isn't too much, I'm game. lol. I got that itch recently and after careful analysis, I decided to get a new bluetooth headset as my LG Tone […]

Xiaomi Mi PowerBank 2 - YDDYP01 Quick Charge 2.0 Review

I had to let go of the 10400mAh Capacity Romoss Sense 4  power bank as a friend kinda needed an authentic powerbank. As a replacement, I decided to get the quick charging Xiaomi YDDYP01 20000mAh powerbank. The device is pretty sleek, doesn't weigh as much as the 20000mAh Capacity Romoss Sense 6 Plus and […]

Amazon Fire HD 8 (2016) Quick Review

I've been postponing this review for like forever (because there are a quite number of reviews on it online + laziness) so here it is for those of you that have been on my neck to just write a few words about it. As you all know, I got the […]

Oontz Angle 3 Plus 2017 Review

My Xiaomi NDZ-03-GA bluetooth speakers broke down over a year ago and I haven't been able to replace it as I couldn't find it on sale at its previous $27 price tag and I was also afraid a new one would just go dead after a few months like the first one did. […]

Ten Reasons Not To Buy The TomTom Spark Cardio Music

Since I joined the fitfam train, I've gone through various fitness gadgets such as the FitBit One, Xiaomi Mi Band and Mi Band Pulse (1S) and most recently the TomTom Spark Cardio Music. The upgrade to the TomTom Spark came about mainly out of frustration with the faulty GPS tracking on my phones (Infinix Zero 3 and Oukitel K6000 Pro). They kept losing GPS signals during workouts thereby leading to unreliable data. Some say Android Marshmallow is to blame but I'll not be able to verify that now as I can't bear the burden on lugging around my phone while exercising (which is another reason why I went for the Music version of the TomTom Spark).

Acquired on sale for $175, I would say it's a good buy compared to other fitness gadgets I've used in the past but it has some major flaws which shouldn't be so at its market price.

The TomTom Spark Cardio Music features include GPS Tracking, 24/7 Activity Tracking, Built-in Heart-Rate Monitor, Audio Performance Feedback, Multisport Mode, Heart-Rate Training Zones, Water Resistance, Automatic Sleep Tracking, Goal Settings and 3GB of Music Storage/Playback.

Tom Tom Spark Cardio Music Front

Tom Tom Spark Cardio Music Back

If you're looking for a reliable thorough review of this device, please watch TomTom Spark Cardio + Music REVIEW. I had it on repeat for a few days before I made my purchase.

I've been using the device close to 2 months now and the experience has been so-so majorly due to the battery life and lack of walk mode. Here are my 10 reasons why you might want to avoid getting the TomTom Spark Cardio Music.

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VkWorld Stone V3S Full Review

I had $20 lying around and decided to help a friend who has been without a phone for like 6 months now. She's not quite good at handling phones and neither are her kids so I was drawn to the VkWorld Stone V3S when I saw the presale promo over a month ago, touting it as a shatter proof, dust proof , water proof and low-temperature proof phone. The promise of a great 2530 bass rich box speaker sealed the deal and I jumped right in for the sweet presale price of $20 with free trackable shipping.

As it is with most recent feature phone models, the VkWorld Stone V3S can play MP3 files, has a 0.3MP back camera and a GPRS internet connection. Full specification and live images as follows below:

You can click to enlarge the images below.

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Fix My PC Nigeria Quick Review

One fateful evening days back, as I prepared to watch a movie on my macbook while downloading my weekly series updates, my 2 year + macbook pro froze. This isn't the first time it has ever happened to me so I thought nothing of it. I simply turned it off and turned it back on and then unexpected horror feem (film) began.

The system just kept serving a flashing question mark which according to Apple Support meant that my macbook was having some issues finding its system software. I tried reinstalling the operating system only for the installation manager to say no SSD was detected in my system. Apparently my 512GB hard drive had crashed and needed to be replaced.

After some back and forth with @SuperSanusi, I decided to try either the Apple iStore at Ikeja or Fix My PC, Nigeria. Apple iStore sent me packing sharp sharp when they told me ordinary diagnosis of what the problem was would cost me N15,000. I just respected myself and jejely called FixMyPC to let them know that on my way.

Fix PC and Phones In Nigeria

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Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 10 Inches Full Review

So I finally got rid of my Xiaomi MiPad seeing as Xiaomi was so not serious about upgrading the OS and fixing the ridiculous lag and multitasking issues it had. My plan was to get a Refurbished 64GB WiFi only Apple iPad Air 2 but as time went by I […]

What I Love About BlackBerry's Hub+ Services For Android

UPDATE 9th September 2016: A series of updates have been released and you can now use the suite of apps on Android Lollipop phones as well as phones with lower screen resolution. Contacts, Tasks, Device Search, Notes, and Launcher apps are also now also accessible. Source

Once upon a time I was a big fan of BlackBerry but the romance ended over a year ago when I sold off my BlackBerry Z30 'cause I needed a dual SIM main device (the poor android performance and limited apps was also a factor). In retrospect, I stayed with the platform 'cause blackberry's data plans were (and still remain) dirt cheap, BBM worked best on BlackBerries and the Hub was glorious.

On exit, I looked forward to a day when the BlackBerry Hub would be extended to other platforms just like they did with BBM and yesterday it became a reality. For just 99 cents a month, android users can now make use a suite of BlackBerry apps which include BlackBerry Hub, BlackBerry Calendar, Password Keeper, Contacts, Tasks, Device search, Notes and Blackberry Launcher. A 30 day trial period is available to users but with access to only BlackBerry Hub, BlackBerry Calendar and Password Keeper. After 30 days, you can keep using these three apps for free with ads thrown in your face every now and then OR you pay 99 cents and get the entire BlackBerry Hub+ suite ad free each month.

Download BlackBerry Hub+ Services and BlackBerry Hub. The apps are only available to Android Marshmallow 6.0 devices at the moment but BlackBerry is working actively to bring it to Lollipop devices. Unfortunately it's not compatible with my Oukitel K6000 Pro at the moment so I had to resort to using a friend's APK files. See APK Files here.


BlackBerry Hub+ Services Not Compatible With Android MarshMallow

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Review: My PayPorte Nigeria Online Shopping Experience

I'm not a fan of shopping online in Nigeria especially when it comes to clothes or shoes. The few times I've bought stuff from Naija online stores, I had to gather plenty liver to proceed and in 99% of these orders, I went with the pay on delivery option and […]