Oukitel K6000 Pro Full Review

It's being 3 weeks since I took delivery of the Oukitel K6000 Pro. The useless 5MP front facing camera and loudspeaker volume issues aside, the experience has been wonderful. I got it for $150 (insurance included) from Everbuying and it's still on sale for interested parties.

The main specs as follows.

  1. 5.5inch 1920 x 1080 pixels, 2.5D Arc capacitive touchscreen with Dragontrail 2 glass protection.
  2. CPU: 64bit MTK6753 Octa Core, 1.3GHz
  3. GPU: Mali-T720
  4. Android 6.0 OS , 3 GB RAM + 32 GB ROM (26GB available to user)
  5. Dual SIM card dual standby
  6. Dual Cameras, 5MP front camera, 13MP back camera with dual LED flashlight and auto focus
  7. Support FDD LTE/4G/3G/GPS/Wifi/Bluetooth
  8. Networking:2G: GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz, 3GWCDMA 900/2100MHz, 4G: FDD LTE: 800/1800/2100/2600MHz
  9. Fingerprint sensor
  10. 6000mAh non-removable SCUD Li-Po battery with MTK Pump Express Flash Charging

The package is pretty simple and we some very good information here on how well it will perform for games. You get the phone, user manual, warranty certificate, usb cable, 5V/7V/9V - 2A wall adapter, OTG cable, free silicone case, screen protector, SIM slot pin. No ear phones included.

Click to enlarge images

Oukitel K6000 Pro Unboxed Oukitel K6000 Pro, Screen Protector & Pin Oukitel K6000 Pro Fast Charger, OTG and USB Cable  Oukitel K6000 Pro Front Oukitel K6000 Pro Back Oukitel K6000 Pro Fingerprint Sensor, 13MP Camera & Dual LED Flash Oukitel K6000 Pro Power and Volume Buttons Oukitel K6000 Pro 3.5mm Headphone Jack Oukitel K6000 Pro SIM - SD Card Slot Oukitel K6000 Pro USB Charing and Data Transfer Port

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Oukitel K4000 Pro Review

As promised when I showed you guys How To Flash Oukitel Phones With SP Flash Tool, here's my quick review of the Oukitel K4000 Pro which I have sold by the way. Oukitel is currently running a fire sale across various sites like Aliexpress, Everbuying, Geekbuying, Gearbest etc and so I decided to sell off the K4000 Pro and get the K6000 Pro.

To stay updated on Oukitel's various sale promos, click here.

The main specs as follows. Click here to see more specs.

  1. 5.0inch 1280x720 pixels IPS OGS capacitive touchscreen with 1.1mm thickness and 9H hardness,
  2. CPU: MTK6735 Quad Core, 1.0GHz
  3. GPU: Mali-T720
  4. Android 5.1 OS , 2GB RAM + 16GB ROM (11.5GB available to user)
  5. Dual SIM card dual standby
  6. Dual Cameras, 2.0MP front camera, 8.0MP back camera with flashlight and auto focus
  7. Support FDD LTE/4G/3G/GPS/Wifi/Bluetooth
  8. Networking:2G: GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz, 3GWCDMA 900/2100MHz, 4G: FDD LTE: 800/1800/2100/2600MHz
  9. 4600mAh removable Li-Po battery

The package is pretty simple. You get the phone, battery, user manual, warranty certificate, usb cable and wall adapter. No ear phones included.

Oukitel K4000 Pro Boxed Oukitel K4000 Pro Specs Oukitel K4000 Pro Unboxed Oukitel K4000 Pro Unboxed 2 Oukitel K4000 Pro + Free Silicone Case


You have the volume control buttons on the right side of the device and the power button on the left. This unusual placement takes a while to get used to if you're coming from a phone that has the power button at the top of the device or on the same side as the volume buttons.

You have a CNC metal frame running round the sides of the device.

Oukitel K4000 Pro Right Side Shot Oukitel K4000 Pro Noise Cancelling Mic Oukitel K4000 Pro Left Side Shot


The earphone and USB ports are at the top of the device.

Oukitel K4000 Pro Top Side Shot - Earphone jack, USB Charging Port


The back cover has a leathery feel to it for easy grasp but it feels fake though....like as though the Oukitel branding on it would peel after a few weeks of proper use.

The 8MP camera with single LED flash is at the top of the back with the speaker positioned at the bottom.

Oukitel K4000 Pro Back


The microSD card slot officially supports up to 32GB though I slot in my 64GB card and it worked without hassles. In my experience with the Lenovo P70-A, this setup tends to give issues after a while so I highly recommend you stick to 32GB.

Both SIM slots support 3G/4G. Sim 1 uses a microSIM while sim 2 uses the regular SIM. Unfortunately there's no 3G only mode in the settings panel but there's a small workaround for it.

Oukitel K4000 Pro Camera, SIM & microSD card slot Oukitel K4000 Pro Battery 2 Oukitel K4000 Pro Battery

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Xiaomi USB LED Light Enhanced Version Review

In light of the current power and fuel supply issue we are facing in Nigeria, I acquired the enhanced version of Xiaomi's USB LED Light since charging my rechargeable portable LED lamp was no longer easy.

Unlike the regular Xiaomi USB LED Light, the enhanced version comes with a power button with 5 step brightness levels as well as a larger LED. The brightness was increased by 50% over the regular version.

This little gadget has absolutely no cons whatsoever in my opinion. It's all pros all the way. The LED component is a product of Philips Lumileds with a power/voltage rating of 2.5W(MAX)/5V and is rumored to have a 50,000 hours of usage lifespan. The design is pretty simple with the LED at one end and the power/brightness control button as well as USB connector at the other end and a long flexible/adjustable neck in the middle.

The LED tip shares the same design as the Xiaomi MiBand though it's not detachable. The first pic below is what the regular version of the Xiaomi USB LED Light looks like while the rest are of the enhanced version.

Xiaomi USB LED Light - Regular Version

Regular Xiaomi USB LED Light

Xiaomi USB LED Light - Enhanced Version

Xiaomi USB LED Light Enhanced Version 3 Xiaomi USB LED Light Enhanced Version 1 Xiaomi USB LED Light Enhanced Version 2 Xiaomi USB LED Light Enhanced Version Turned On

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Opera Desktop Gets Free VPN and Ad Blocker - Download

The world wide web is a beautiful and dark place with its pros and cons and the latter can be quite frustrating. Take for example, some web content are restricted to certain locations i.e you can't access them if you're not from a particular location.  Aside from this, you also have the problem of protecting your personal data when surfing the web on public WiFi.

Even if you're on your home / personal WiFi, you run the risk of attacks from unscrupulous websites. Therein lies the need for VPN services. Unfortunately these VPN services come with a price until now.

Opera is currently working on including free unlimited VPN web surfing into their Desktop browsers for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. These features are now available to those using the Developer version. Aside from the free VPN, users will now be able to block ads across all websites.

Click here to download Opera Developer Version

How To Block Ads & Enable VPN On Opera Desktop Browser

By default ad blocking and VPN service are disabled. To enable them go to Menu >> Settings >> Privacy & Security as shown in the screenshot below.


Opera Free VPN and AdBlock

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Xiaomi NDY-02-AL 16000mAh Capacity Power Bank Review

As promised when I did the Romoss Sense 6 Plus 20000mAh Capacity Power Bank Review, today I'll be reviewing Xiaomi's 16000mAh powerbank. This will probably be the last powerbank review I'll be doing as I seem to find them a bit boring. lol

Just like most power banks in the market, this one comes in a simple white box in which you'd find the powerbank, a short USB charging/data transfer cable and a chinese user manual. No wall adapter is included.

The design is pretty simple but looks like a high end powerbank due to its anodized water and corrosion resistant aluminum body. The Power button, LED lights, 2.1A output USB charging ports and 2A micro USB input charging port are all located on one end of the powerbank.

See pictures below.


Xiaomi 16000mAh Powerbank Retail Package Xiaomi 16000mAh Powerbank Retail Package Open Xiaomi 16000mAh Powerbank Top Xiaomi 16000mAh Powerbank Bottom Xiaomi 16000mAh Powerbank Charging Ports, LED Lights & Power Button Xiaomi 16000mAh Powerbank Side

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Infinix Zero 3 Review: High Performance Mid-Ranger With Cool Battery Life

Many months back I had this disdain for all things Tecno and Infinix. The complaints on forum boards about the Infinix brand didn't even help matters at all and I remained steadfast in my resolve not to purchase any mobile gadget from these brands......until the Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 royally messed up.

With the dollar rate through the roof, I decided to settle for a mid-range Tecno device but the Phantom Z's lack of a microSD card slot pushed me towards the Infinix Zero 3 with its amazing specs.

The main highlights of the Infinix Zero 3 are its OCTA-64-bit 2.1GHz MediaTek Helio X10 processor, 5.5 inch full HD 400ppi 1080p screen with Corning Gorilla Glass 3, dual sim 4G/LTE network support, 3GB RAM, 20.7MP back camera with dual-color LED flash, 5MP front facing camera with front led flash and 3030mAh non removable battery.

The Infinix Zero 3 package comes with AC Charger with 2-Pin and 3-Pin AC Adapter, tangle free USB Cable, SIM - MicroSD slot Eject Pin and a Transparent Silicone Gel Cover. There's no useful user guide included

Below are some unboxing pictures. The phone is wrapped in plastic with instructions on how to insert SIM and microSD card printed on it.


Infinix Zero 3 Unboxing IMG_20160122_221820 IMG_20160122_221720 IMG_20160122_221844 IMG_20160122_221912 IMG_20160122_222351

5MP front facing camera, earpiece, light sensor and led flash for selfies



Glass back with a speaker grill at the bottom and 20.7MP camera at the top left hand corner.



3.5mm earphone jack and microphone



Regular USB charging port with microphone



MicroSD card slot, Volume and Power buttons on the right side of the device.



Dual SIM card slot on the left side



IMG_20160124_081229 IMG_20160124_081246

The screen protector doesn't come with the device. I bought it separate.

Infinix Zero 3 Display Review

The 5.5 FHD Display is nice with good viewing angles. It's advertised as having 400ppi but ships with 480ppi which makes the icons and font look big. I downgraded it to 400ppi using this method (This hack could affect OTA updates amongst other things so if you implement it be sure to revert back to 480ppi before upgrading the device).




The device comes without hardware/physical navigation buttons. These are placed directly on the screen. The large bezel at the top and bottom of the device look awful though you get used to them after a day or two.

Sunlight legibility is good but on really sunny days, there's a teeny weeny bit of struggle. Maybe it's just my eyes telling me it's been a year since I saw my optician. lol

Mediatek's Miravision and ClearMotion settings are accessible under Settings >> Display. I don't really know how to tweak them so I settled with MiraVision switched to Vivid mode and dynamic contrast turned on. ClearMotion has no settings per say. You either turn it on or off.


Infinix Zero 3 Sunlight Legibility Test



The Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protected screen feels nice to touch but the official tempered glass for the Zero 3 feels way way better. Sand remains a weakness of Gorilla glass screens. Get a screen protector and save yourself the hassle of spending loads on a new screen. I got the one I captured above for N1500.

This will be the first smartphone on which I'd be using display auto brightness on a daily basis and that's because, it simply works.

Actions such as Tap to Wake, One-hand mode and 3-fingers screenshot are added to make using the display a delight. The Quick Start function allows one to launch apps by making specific gestures on the screen when it's turned off.




It would appear that the FHD display is energy efficient when it comes to normal usage such as web browsing, chatting, texting and what have you but once you enter video playback territory, it takes its toll on the 3030 mAh battery. More on this is the battery review section.

The February 2016 OTA update has fixed to a large extent a bug that makes the touchscreen annoying to use while charging.

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TripMode For Windows Review: Mobile WiFi Data Usage Monitor

WiFi Internet service isn't readily available is some parts of the world and sometimes we just have to rely on mobile data plans which come pretty expensive. The expense increases when one turns his/her mobile device into a wifi hotspot so as to access the web on a computer and the computer in turn decides to start downloading huge OS updates. Oops!

How To Monitor Mobile Hotspot Data Usage On Mac OS X and Windows PC

The Swiss guys at TripMode decided to fix this problem and launched Tripmode for Mac OS users last year. Basically TripMode, when activated (see upper left hand corner of screenshot below), serves as a firewall of sorts through which all requests for internet access must go through. If an app or service is not granted access, it will not be able to connect to the internet.

In this way, you can restrict mobile data usage to just the apps you want to work with on your computer.

TripMode For Mac OS X

Unfortunately TripMode doesn't work 100% of the time especially if you have an antivirus like Avast for Mac OS installed as Avast while fully activated, serves as a gateway to the internet itself. See diagram below.

How TripMode For Windows and Mac OS X Works

Here's what my experience with the Mac OS version of TripMode has been and continues to be like as par the image above:

If you leave Avast's functions fully activated but block the app in TripMode, all apps and services on your Mac will not be able to access the web at all.

If you fully disable Avast's functions and block it in TripMode, all apps and services on your Mac will have access to the web unless these apps and services are blocked in TripMode. Unfortunately in this scenario, some services still bypass TripMode, access the web and deplete your mobile data plan.

Finally my Macbook seems to consume way more data than reported by TripMode

The above has been my experience with TripMode for Mac OS X and I'm still hoping they'll get it right 'cause the $8 I spent on the app is.............. lol.


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Concise Review of The Huawei E8278s-602 USB Mobile Wi-Fi Dongle

Four months ago, my Huawei E5730s-2 Mobile WiFi shut down on me and refused to come on. After several attempts to fix it, I succeeded but quickly started looking for a backup mobile wifi should in case it goes completely dead on me in the future. This time around I had my eyes on a mobile wifi with a beefier battery capacity.

That's how I stumbled on USB Mobile Broadband WiFi Dongles. These are normal USB modems with added WiFi functionality and the ability to be powered by wall adapters, car chargers, power banks and practically any power source with a USB port/outlet.

After much bargain research, I settled on the Huawei E8278s-602 which cost me $51 on sale. It arrived 3 weeks later without a box, manual etc. Just the new branded but unlocked USB Mobile Wifi stick. See images below


HUAWEI E8278s-602 USB WiFi Dongle Top

HUAWEI E8278s-602 USB Mobile WiFi Smart

HUAWEI E8278s-602 USB Mobile WiFi Smart Side

HUAWEI E8278s-602 USB WiFi Dongle Password

WiFi name (SSID) and WiFi password (key) is beneath the sim cover


HUAWEI E8278s-602 USB WiFi Connection Status


HUAWEI E8278s-602 USB WiFi Dongle In Xiaomi Power Bank

Mobile WiFi being powered by the Xiaomi 16000mAh powerbank


HUAWEI E8278s-602 USB WiFi Dongle In Xiaomi Power Strip

Mobile WiFi being powered by the Xiaomi Power Strip


HUAWEI E8278s-602 USB WiFi Dongle In Wall Adapter

Mobile WiFi being powered by a Wall Adapter

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Romoss Sense 6 Plus 20000mAh Capacity Power Bank Review

Before the dollar rate went crazy on us, I decided to get a couple more power banks and increase my investment in the Xiaomi brand. I settled for the 16000mAh Xiaomi powerbank and the 20000mAh Romoss Sense 6 Plus. I'll be reviewing the latter first and the Xiaomi would follow soonest.

My 17 months experience with Romoss has been stellar and thus the decision to invest in yet another Romoss powerbank was a no brainer. See Romoss Sense 4 10400mAh Capacity Power Bank Review.

The design is pretty simple with the included LCD screen as the standout feature. There's a power button on one side and on another you have 2 output charging ports and one input charging port. One of the charging ports supports DC5V 2.1A while the other supports DC5V 1A. The input charging port doesn't support fast charging so the best charger you can use to replenish the powerbank is one with a DC5V 2A rating.

Note: The device doesn't ship with a wall adapter. In the package, you have a manual in chinese, 20000mAh powerbank and a usb charging cable which also supports data transfer.

The powerbank comes wrapped in a plastic. I removed it before taking the shots below


Romoss Sense 6 Plus Package 1

Romoss Sense 6 Plus Package

Romoss Sense 6 Plus Open Package

Romoss Sense 6 Plus Power Button

Romoss Sense 6 Plus Charging Ports

Romoss Sense 6 Plus LCD Light



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