Folx Go+ Download Manager For Mac OS Now Free

Folx Go+ Free Download Manager

If you own a macbook, you'd know how boring it is to download files as the best PC download manager out there (Internet Download Manager) hasn't been built for the platform yet thus we have to make do with alternatives, the best of which seems to be Folx Download Manager which has a free version and two PRO versions (Folx Go+ and Folx Pro).

Well it looks like for a limited time only, the Folx Go+ which retails for $12.99 is now free. Unlike the Pro version, Folx Go+ doesn't support YouTube video downloads, Torrent downloads and automated Mac shutdowns but every other major feature in the Folx Pro comes with it. SeeĀ Understanding the difference between Folx GO/GO+ from the Mac App Store and Folx PRO distributed through the Eltima website.

So far so good, it works pretty fast and is easy to install in all major Mac OS browsers i.e Safari, Chrome, Opera and Firefox, so I say go get it before it's gone. This is better than going after pirated copies of Folx Pro.

Click here to download Folx Go+ free NOW!!!!!


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Article written by On November 19, 2016.

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