Dual SIM iPhone 4 & iPhone 4S By Vooma Peel PG92

Convert iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S into Dual SIM PhoneAs far as dual sim capability goes in today’s mobile phones, you’d hardly see it on a hi-tech smartphone such as the iPhone but Vooma has announced an upcoming handset case which when strapped to the iPhone 4 or 4S enables the device to make calls from another sim card.

Basically made up of an extra battery and SIM slot, Vooma’s new Peel PG92 handset case goes to work as soon as you download the Vooma’s customized app to your iPhone 4 or 4S, insert your spare SIM card into the case and strap on the Peel PG92 case.

Do please note that this handset case only works on Jailbroken iPhones and makes use of regular SIM cards instead of the micro-SIM.

Also as we can see from the pic, it would most definitely increase the bulk and the width of your iPhone but considering how beautiful it all looks, one can easily overlook that with time after weeks of usage.

Courtesy of Techcrunch, here’s what the Peel PG92 looks like in up close:

Preview Of Vooma Peel PG92 Dual SIM Handset Case


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