Buy Refurbished iPad 2 Online From $419

Buy Refurbished iPad 2

Let’s face it. Most of us would very much like to have the tons of hi-tech mobile devices that are hitting the market these days but only few us can afford the high prices they demand.

Refurbished mobile technology products are most certainly the way to go for most bargain shoppers.

Refurbished desktop computers and laptops help Dell US/UK to maintain their profit margin and now Apple US has decided to boost sales and revenue by opening a section of their US online store dedicated to the sales of refurbished iPads for a cheaper price than the brand new ones.

Discounts start with the 16GB Wi-Fi iPad 2 which currently goes for $419.00 ($80 discount) with the most expensive being the white Verizon 64GB iPad 2 with Wi-Fi+3G which now goes for $729 ($100 discount).

NOTE: Refurbished products are just products that had some defects and were sent back to the factory to be made whole and new again. They also include show glass/window display devices that were never sold too. Most times, they come with the same benefits attached to the new ones so do please be sure to check the terms and conditions of any refurbished device you plan on purchasing.

Refurbished by Apple, and as good as their brand new counterparts, these lower priced iPads come with a 1-year warranty, as well as a brand new battery and outer shell.

Free shipping is available on all revamped iPads but supply is limited with availability only guaranteed upon receipt of full payment.


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