Dropbox Adds File and Folder Link Sharing Functionality

My first foray into the world of cloud storage was with DropBox. That was over 1 year ago but for the past 2 months now, I’ve switched allegiance to its new competitor SugarSync.

Using the Send to Dropbox app, my use of DropBox was tailored towards aggregating all my email attachments in one secure location for mass downloading later on. Unfortunately this email to dropbox application developed issues and stopped working and also downloading my files with the DropBox desktop software became kind of a chore ’cause of the somewhat slow internet speeds.

With SugarSync I was able to send my email attachments to my account using a sugarsync generated email address and I was also able to download my attachments in one zip file and share the download link with my friends as well.

Well looks like Dropbox has decided to do something about the competition as they’ve now added the ability to share a link to your files or folders with friends and family.

Unfortunately using these public links, you can’t download the files directly. You can only view them online via a nifty public interface. The integrity of your documents are in no way affected as public users can’t edit them.

This new Dropbox feature should work for some of you but for me, it still doesn’t change anything and I’m sticking with my SugarSync account which offers close to 6GB of online storage space.

Maybe when they add email to account storage and direct download link functionality, I’ll go back to them (Dropbox)

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