How to Fix Error 0X80070052 on USB Flash Drives

I’m going to make this short and sweet.

I bought a new Made In China MP3 player and happily went home to fill it with my favorite tunes from the albums of Britney, Mariah, Christina, Madonna, Beyonce etc and half way the error message below popped up

Error 0X80070052 The directory or file can not be created

I almost lost it. Cos I had just spent the equivalent of $35 on an mp3 player that was probably fake.

I went online immediately and found found various solutions to the problems but the only one that actually worked for me was REFORMATTING the mp3 player.

So guys, to all of you that have this problem on your mp3 players or flash drives, all you have to do is backup all preexisting data on your mp3 player/pen drive and then reformat it using FAT32 and not FAT16 as the latter is actually the cause of the problem.

FAT16 imposes a limit on how many files can exist in the root folder and other folders. What this means is that to store more data on your pen drive WITHOUT reformatting it, you need to organize your data in folders.
Hope this short tutorial helps solve your problem.

P.S: Allow me to say that REFORMATTING the mp3 player/flash drive in FAT32 is your best option. It gets rid of Error 0X80070052 fast!

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