How To Make Mozilla Firefox Faster

Mozilla’s Firefox is one of the greatest browsers out there and if I’m not wrong, it’s presently leading the pack with Internet Explorer coming in second place BUT when the issue of speed is been discussed Apple’s Safari takes the lead hands down.

Personally I prefer Firefox cos of its use of add-ons and because of that I’ve been out to increase it’s speed considerably.

After tweaking my internet connection settings for optimal browsing speed and efficiency, I went ahead and further researched ways to make Mozilla’s Firefox faster and below are a list of links from my trusted blogger friend, Ampercent.

7 hacks to Reduce Firefox Memory Usage Without Reinstallation

Speed up Mozilla Firefox 150x times faster

These two links are the only tutorials you need to get Mozilla’s Firefox running faster than ever.

Feel free to share your experience after implementing what Ampercent says.

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