Opera 11: Dial-up Internet Connection’s Best Friend

Opera 11 Turbo Browsing
I’m overjoyed at the release of Opera 11. It’s now my default browser for fast browsing even on slow internet connections

I never thought I’d see the day Opera applied it’s Opera Mini data compression tactics to the Opera Desktop browser.

It boasts of the following features amongst others:

  1. Tab previews
  2. Speed dial customization
  3. Auto-update
  4. In-line spell checking
  5. Webmail integration
  6. Crash recovery and reporting
  7. Resizable search field
  8. Uses half the memory of Firefox
  9. The bandwidth-saving Opera Turbo mode

Of all these features, what draws me to Opera is the Turbo mode feature which makes browsing 5 times faster than other browsers. This is achieved by compressing web pages/files before they are sent to your browser just as is done in Opera Mini.

The download size reduction is achieved by routing your Internet traffic through the Opera Turbo proxy server.

My only fear for this browser is what will happen to the Turbo Mode feature when over millions of users worldwide switch to Opera 11. How will they be able to manage compressing data for so many users on their proxy server.

Till that time comes, go get Opera 11. It’s the best. Opera 11 even comes with Opera Unite which enables you to turn your PC into a web server.

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