How To Check Your Page Rank in Google Chrome

Google Chrome is the latest addition to the web browser software category. Amongst it’s many features is the use of extensions which expands it’s functionality.
I’m just going to talk about automatically checking the page rank of any site you visit using Google Chrome.

Step I:
Find the Google Chrome shortcut on your desktop or start menu and right-click on it. Select Properties and the image below will appear

Enable Google Chrome Extensions

Scroll to the end of the address in the target field and add –enable-extensions to your Chrome command line as shown above. Click apply then okay and the window disappears.

Step II:

Download the page rank extension then drag and drop it into Google Chrome. It will automatically be installed and appear in the status bar below the browser like this.

Enable Google Chrome Extensions

From now on the page rank of every web page you visit will automatically be shown below in the status bar.

Hope this helps a lot. Feel free to leave a comment below about how it went for you. Cheers.

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