Opera Mini Finally Gets It Right: Resume Download Function Added

Resume Downloads In Opera Mini 7Before the default BlackBerry browser became so fab to use, quite a number of us relied on Opera Mini for our web surfing activities though we weren’t quite satisfied with it given that it cut off blackberry downloads around 4MB and it resulted in a waste of precious bandwidth when downloading large files as it didn’t support download pause and resume functions.

Opera Mini 7 has just been revised and the new version 7.1.32051 now features the same ol’ download manager but with the much needed ability to resume and pause downloads.

Unfortunately I don’t see myself too keen to dump UC Browser which has been handling my downloads so far ‘cause the speed of download on Opera Mini is somewhat of sluggish. I know this contradicts the claim of the ad above but this is just what I’ve noticed on my end. Maybe my internet connection is to blame all this while, I really don’t know.

Anyway feel free to download the new Opera Mini and let me know how well it works on your end. http://m.opera.com/

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