How To Cancel Hausa Service 50550 On Glo Network

As technology evolves and folks find more ways of communicating for way less cash than before, the huge revenues accrued by telecom companies have started to drop massively and each is now sourcing for more ways to ramp up its yearly profits. Unfortunately some have decided to go about it the wrong way by forcing subscriptions to paid sms services down our throats.

For months now, Glo has been deducting N100 airtime each month for some hausa sms service which I most definitely did not subscribe to. All efforts to get out of it has been in vain until lately when I decided to give it one more try and finally I’m free of it.

To unsubscribe from the Hausa Service which comes from the shortcode 50550, simply text STOP HAUSA to 50550. You should get a message like the one below if your attempt is successful:

Dear valued customer, you have been successfully unsubscribed from Hausa service

Below are stop codes for other services on 50550:

  1. To stop Islamic Digest, send STOP DIGEST.
  2. To stop Hadith, send STOP HADITH.
  3. To stop Daily Reflection, send STOP REFLECT.
  4. To stop Daily Prayers, send STOP DUA.
  5. To stop Holy Quran, send STOP QURAN.
  6. To stop Islamic Digest, send STOP DIGEST.

It’s been over a month now, and the issue hasn’t returned so I guess this is a permanent fix.

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