Review: My PayPorte Nigeria Online Shopping Experience

I’m not a fan of shopping online in Nigeria especially when it comes to clothes or shoes. The few times I’ve bought stuff from Naija online stores, I had to gather plenty liver to proceed and in 99% of these orders, I went with the pay on delivery option and stuck to goods sold and delivered by the website owners themselves. Konga I dey hail oh. lol

Unlike Konga and Jumia, Payporte Nigeria isn’t so popular but it’s gaining momentum with ambassadors such as Noble Igwe, Toke Makinwa and Olajumoke Orisaguna. Just the other day, I saw an advert for shoes at great prices on their site and curious, I decided to check them out since I was in the mood for retail therapy.

Overall the shoes sold by Payporte looked good and were priced right when compared to their equivalent retail price in the US so I went ahead and ordered a well priced Rocawear and Zoo York after a tweep convinced me to go ahead as she had shopped on the site before.

I chose the pay on delivery option but about 24 hours later, I got a call from one of their reps informing me that unfortunately they do not have staff operating in Sokoto so I would have to pay for my order in full before it can be processed. I ended up having into pay into their Skye Bank account before my order was processed.

NOTE: You can pay online with your debit card but in my case I couldn’t do that as the option I had was to cancel my order, place it again and then pay with debit card. Unfortunately when I tried that, the shoes I wanted were no longer in stock, so the bank option was the way to go so as not to lose my order. Thank you Akaiso Emmanuel Effiong for being so patient and helping me preserve my order.


Account number: 1771754654

Bank Name: SKYE BANK

Two days later, I got a call from yet another Payporte staff asking me what road transport system they could use in sending my shoes. I suggested NIPOST but they insisted on a road transport system. In the end, they decided to figure it out and get back to me.

A day later, I got a strange call from someone speaking loads of hausa and poor pidgin asking me to come pick up my stuff at the motor park. Apparently Payporte has sent my shoes through him without alerting me.

Anyway I got the shoes intact and they looked great aside from a minor over zealous stitching issue on one of the Rocawear shoes.


Overall the experience was smooth BUT I’m not happy about my goods being delivered without informing me. What if I wasn’t in town that day?

The shoes seemed authentic and judging from their Skye Bank account, I’m tempted to believe that they import these shoes from the U.S though I’m still trying to figure out how they are able to sell authentic Converse sneakers that go for $50 in the States for less than $10 (N2,000) here in Nigeria.

Will I be shopping from Payporte Nigeria again? Most definitely. My recommendation when shopping online from sites like Jumia, Konga, Amazon, Payporte, etc is to always go for goods sold and delivered directly by the site owners. I feel safer that way in that the probability of getting fake goods is way less with them….I may just be deceiving myself sha. LOL

Anyhow, have you shopped with PayPorte Nigeria before? How was your experience? Do share please.

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