Order Goods From The US – Get It In Nigeria From July 10th or Earlier

If you're interested in making some purchases in the US and you're looking for a trustworthy person to handle the transaction, do please contact Oga Dayo Olutunfese.

He came highly recommended by Mister Mo of Mobility Nigeria and thus helped me purchase and deliver my MacBook Pro without fuss.

He will be in Nigeria again come July 10th so he's open to helping folks get stuff down from the US.

NOTE: This is not a free service. There's a commission involved which you both have to agree on

Serious folks can reach him at pstdayo@gmail.com and +1 3473305297. Do please be mindful of the time when calling in so you don't call late at night. He's 5 hrs behind Nigerian time.


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Article written by On June 13, 2014.

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