Top iPhone 4S US Pre-Order Deals

Buy The iPhone 4S with Unlimited Data Packages

Despite not having an awesome Unlimited Data package like Sprint, AT&T has managed to sell more than 200,000 iPhone 4S handsets within the first 12 hours of preorder launch and more orders are foreseen before the October 14th official launch date.

The iPhone 4S preorder prices in the US have been pegged at $200, $300 and $400 for the 16GB, 32GB and 64GB versions respectively and all require a two year contract with a data plan.

With Verizon Wireless, data packages for the iPhone 4S start at $30/month for 2GB with a maximum of 10GB for $80. Postpaid subscribers are allowed to buy extra data at $10 per 1GB and all subscribers are allowed access to Wi-Fi browsing for free whenever available.

AT & T’s iPhone 4S Deals offer three data packages tagged DataPlus (200MB @ $15/month), DataPro (2GB @ $25/month) and DataPro 4GB (4GB @ $45/month). The $45 DataPro 4GB plan allows you to share your iPhone Internet connection with your laptop, netbook, or other device.

Sprint unlike the above mobile operators is offering the iPhone 4S with Unlimited Data monthly. With their Everything Data plans you get unlimited data, messages and calls* to or from any U.S. mobile phone nationwide while on the Sprint Network starting from $80 a month.

NOTE: *Terms and conditions apply with each of Sprint’s data plans Winking smile

If you’re not comfortable attaching yourself to a 2 year contract, you could buy an unlocked iPhone 4S online for US$616.

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