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Today I’ll be doing a quick review of Bioderma’s Photoderm Max SPF 50+ Family Milk melting sunscreen. As written on the tube, this sunscreen can be used on the entire body, face included and also on kids 12 months and above.

It is fragrance free, alcohol free, essential oil free and water resistant up to 80 minutes and super effective even when applied to wet skin. I bought this sunscreen based on Cyrille Laurent’s recommendation and it doesn’t disappoint at all in a major way.

Sunscreen filters like Zinc Oxide, Titanium Dioxide and Tinosorb M which are known to leave a white cast are wonderfully missing in this formulation.

The combination of Uvinul A Plus, Homosalate, Tinosorb S, Octisalate and Uvinul T 150 account for it’s SPF 50+ PPD 20 rating.

The main reason why I love this sunscreen is that it blends easily into the skin in 1 minute or less leaving absolutely zero white cast even in the beard area. It’s reminiscent of the Pharmasolutions Sunscreen Lotion which I’ve reviewed in the past.

You don’t have to rub hard to get it to sink in which makes it great for sensitive skin as well as skin that’s actively peeling.

Now the three main issues I have with the sunscreen are:

  1. It has a period after opening date of just 6 months so if you are rotating sunscreens you need to be careful not to pass the 6 months mark. Thankfully it comes with a seal against accidental/intentional opening of the tube before final sale.
  2. It leaves a dewy greasy finish which my mattifying primers struggle to control. The 44 degree centigrade weather here in Sokoto, Nigeria isn’t helping matters either.
  3. Sadly it stings a lot around the eye despite Bioderma’s claims of good ocular tolerance.

The sunscreen cost me £19 off Amazon UK and for 250ml of product, I don’t think it’s a bad deal at all.

Whether I’d repurchase this sunscreen depends on if I’m able to find another sunscreen with these awesome properties and amazing ocular tolerance. I have the Ambre Solaire Kids Sensitive Wet Skin Lotion on the way and I hope it’s a worthy replacement.

Ambre Solaire Kids Sensitive Wet Skin Lotion

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