Quick Fix: BlackBerry Z10 Not Charging Up To 100%

Battery Guru For BlackBerry 10The BlackBerry Playbook comes with a rapid charging adaptor of 1.8A output and really helps a lot when I have little time to spare at a power source. I’ve experienced it charging my blackberry phone at the rate of 1% for every minute connected thus when I got my Z10, it sorta became my default charger as I wasn’t really keen on wasting up to 3 hrs charging the battery with the default 750mA wall adaptor.

Something strange started happening the day after I installed the leaked version of BlackBerry OS 10.1. No matter what I did, I could no longer charge the battery up to 100% again. Even draining the battery completely twice couldn’t fix it. I thought it was probably a bug in the leaked OS but alas when I upgraded to the official 10.1 version 2 days ago, the problem persisted.

Thus yesterday I made the decision to stop using the Playbook’s charger on my Z10

From ground zero I charged it with the default charger and topped up whenever charge was low. This morning I ran my fourth charge since yesterday and when it was done, I checked my stats and viola 100% Full.

So if you’ve been having the same issue, I highly recommend you stick to the default charger for a while and see if that remedies your situation.

I’m out and do have a lovely weekend

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Article written by On May 17, 2013.

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